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CNN doubles down on ‘stupid’ with another ‘themed’ Democrat marathon

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Ratings-challenged CNN plans to follow up seven hours of Democratic presidential candidates talking about taking away plastic straws and regulating what you can eat — sorry, hamburgers don’t make the cut — with another marathon town hall that will lecture Americans, while pandering to the LGBT community.

Wednesday’s seven-hour climate-themed town hall was widely panned and was so depressing Fox News Channel’s Jessie Watters summed it up as plain “stupid” amid other hilarious mockeries by “The Five” crew.

But it gets even better, as the network that struggles to compete with the Hallmark Channel will partner with the left-wing Human Rights Campaign organization for an LGBTQ town hall.

CNN anchor Don Lemon, who is gay, announced at the end of this week’s climate change spectacle that took fear-mongering to new heights, that the network is planning a new series of presidential town halls next month that will focus on “issues important to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people.”

(The left has decreed that “queer” is now an acceptable term in describing those who venture beyond the bounds of heterosexual behavior.)

Newsbuster’s managing editor Curtis Houck put it well when he tweeted: “Thought you were done with this seven-hour nonsense that [CNN] forced on us tonight with the [Climate Town Hall]? GET THIS — Don Lemon announced at the very end that [CNN] will be doing this AGAIN next month on LGBTQ issues. So buckle up for what will probably be another SEVEN hours!”

It’s not like any of the Democratic candidates are going to openly disagree with the established narrative of “inequality” being forced down America’s throat by rabid liberals.

The intolerant left will slap them with an anti-LGBTQ label in a nano-second should they even consider it. Of course, a person can earn that label in post-Obama America by simply being a Christian who believes in the sanctity of marriage.

According to early Nielsen time period ratings, CNN’s seven-hour Climate Change Town Hall did little to improve their dismal ratings.

In fact, Fox News dominated Wednesday evening, delivering a triple-digit advantage over CNN in primetime, with 3.2 million viewers and 530,000 in the key 25-54 demo — FNC also had a double-digit advantage over MSNBC.

While the Democrat Party elbowed Fox News out of its presidential debates, the network noted that its April 15th town hall with 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is the highest-rated event of the year with 2.6 million viewers.

As for next month’s LGBTQ pander-fest, conservative strategist Chris Barron nailed it with this tweet: “We have marriage equality, openly gay military service, virtually every big business is rabidly pro-LGBT, popular culture is 100% pro-LGBT, so unless this will be about Islam’s treatment of LGBT people globally – this will be a very short townhall.”

Here’s a sampling of other responses from Twitter that may leave you wondering if CNN is secretly working to help reelect Trump:

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