‘This isn’t a beauty pageant’: GOP candidate responds to leftist ‘sexist’ attacks on her appearance

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A congressional candidate from Kansas slammed the “sexist” attacks she received from another woman after launching her political campaign last week.

Republican Sara Hart Weir called out the remarks leveled against her as “an attack against women everywhere,” speaking with “Fox & Friends” on Monday about social media posts addressing her appearance.

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“This isn’t a beauty pageant,” Weir said, adding that the election “will come down to policy and leadership.”

No sooner had Weir declared her candidacy in Kansas’s 3rd District congressional race against Democratic Rep. Sharice Davids than she was attacked on Twitter solely for her looks.

Elizabeth Arnold, a Johnson County progressive political activist, suggested Weir was being recruited to run because of her appearance.

Arnold, a former political candidate, went on to claim that “seemingly moderate moms” like Weir who are actually conservative are just “insidious.”

“They provide cover for those who abuse the law, ethics, morals, and other humans,” Arnold declared. “They dress up policies that abuse our fellow citizens,” the political consultant went on, adding another insult about the GOP running “nice women” in the campaigns.

Weir blasted Arnold and her “sexist” observations, though she noted she had already been targeted by Democrats because she is confident she “can flip the seat” and because “I’m Nancy Pelosi’s worst nightmare.”

“It’s just unfortunate that this woman…felt that it was okay to go after my appearance and not focus on the issues, the substance, and my track record of getting things done,” Weir, a former CEO of the National Down Syndrome Society, said.

Her comments echoed her condemnation of Arnold during a radio interview with KCMO last week.

The congressional candidate also addressed the attacks in a statement to Townhall.

“On day two of my campaign (for U.S. Congress in Kansas’ 3rd District) to have Ms. Arnold (a former political candidate and now political consultant), demean my life experiences, achievements and track record of getting things done based solely on my appearance (and being a GOP woman) is sexist, uncalled for and insulting to women everywhere,” Weir wrote.

“The November 2020 election in KS-3, Sharice Davids v. Sara Hart Weir, will come down to two things,” she added, “Who is better on the issues and who can lead.”

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