Meghan McCain blasts Andrew Yang’s plan for ‘free’ marriage counseling with blunt perspective

Every 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful seems to have their very own exclusive freebie to offer voters, with Andrew Yang being especially generous with a “freedom dividend,” which would pay $1,000 a month to every American over the age of 18. For life.

But it was his “unorthodox” plan to offer subsidized marriage counseling that got the ire of Meghan McCain Monday on ABC’s “The View.”

“My version of marriage counseling is drinking Jack Daniels, shooting some guns and hanging out,” McCain declared. “This universal peg for every hole is always my problem with the left right now. Every American is different, every American does things in different ways.”

Somehow, it’s difficult to imagine McCain living out her words that sounded a little too rehearsed, but she makes a valid point about the left seeking universal answers — see government provided — to the world’s problems.


The thing is, as Yang dances around giveaways, he’s not far off target when he said two-parent homes are statistically better off financially than single parent homes.

He also pointed out that his plan does not force couples to go to counseling, although plans that eventually become mandatory usually start out as optional. Instead, Yang explained that he gives married couples a stipend to spend on marriage counseling, if they choose.

“The data shows that if you grow up in a two parent household certain outcomes are more likely,” Yang said. “So from a societal perspective it makes perfect sense to try to keep couples together if they want to stay together.”

“So, would that just be like a social worker for every couple in America,” McCain asked.

Of course, with marriage becoming less popular, Pew Research reported in February the number of Americans living with an unmarried partner reached about 18 million in 2016, up 29 percent since 2007, Yang’s plan appears to have a big hole in it.

Back to the “freedom dividend,” Yang worked the plan hard, even claiming Thomas Payne, known as the “Father of the American Revolution,” was for it.

“This is an idea that has been with America since its founding. Thomas Payne was for it. Martin Luther King championed it … it’s a dividend for every American as a rate of citizenship,” he said in a different segment. “So under my plan, every American adult would receive $1,000 a month starting at age 18, every month, until you expire.”

Of all people, liberal co-host Joy Behar, a friend to socialists, pushed back on the idea — at least until she realized that it would essentially pay women for housework.

“That would cost $3 trillion. Where’s this money coming from?” she asked Yang. “And what’s the point of it really? Say if you give a man a fish, if you give a man a fishing line, he can fish. If you give him one fish, he’ll just eat that fish. Something like that. So you hand somebody a $1,000 — now what good is that?”

After throwing out a word salad about how his plan “would help build a more human-centered economy,” Yang explained that he would pay for it by robbing corporations like Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google — these being the behemoths who promote left-wing liberals like Yang, who have their eyes set on the corporations’ wallet.

Tom Tillison


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