Ocasio-Cortez claps back at Trump – Jenny From the Block style – after he cites her in tweet

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Screen capture … Rep. Ocasio-Cortez on ABC’s “This Week” … Credit: ABC

This weekend, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had a few choice moments worth mulling, to include her insistence that the Hyde Amendment isn’t about abortion and that she believes “there’s a very real risk of losing the presidency to Donald Trump.”

Following her admission about Trump’s popularity among voters, on a Sunday morning show, the President tweeted his agreement, which in turn had AOC slapping back at him in a tweet of her own with a call for impeachment.

AOC appeared on “ABC This Week” where she was happy to ramble on about a number of topics. She seemed to directly connect the need to impeach President Trump with her concerns that he can’t likely be defeated in a fair election.

Anchor Jon Karl asked the congresswoman about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s holding the line against the growing call among Democrats to begin impeachment proceedings, along with many Democrats, including 41 freshman representatives who do not want impeachment.

“I would disagree with that assessment,” said Ocasio-Cortez. “I think that some of these dynamics are changing. I would very much not say all of them are opposed to impeachment. I think many of them are extraordinarily concerned about the misconduct coming out. You have to look at the process. There is opening an impeachment inquiry and the impeachment vote itself. I think there’s a growing sentiment even among many of these front-runners, swing district Democrats that think we should at least open a inquiry. Ten counts of obstruction of justice. Four with rock-solid evidence. We should open an inquiry to see what is going on.”

As for the Hyde Amendment, it doesn’t get any more obvious how deceitful and manipulative this far-left radical is …

Of course, the Hyde Amendment is completely about abortion. Nothing else.

But AOC claimed: ““And that’s really what the Hyde Amendment is really about. The Hyde Amendment isn’t about abortion per se. The Hyde Amendment is truly about equality of healthcare and healthcare access for low income women and women of color and women that get caught in our mass incarceration system. And so the Hyde Amendment is about income inequality and it’s about women’s healthcare in a system of income inequality. So I think that we need to repeal it.”

The rest of the comments come straight out of a Planned Parenthood indoctrination brochure, but mentioning the “mass incarceration system” is a real head scratcher here. Are women getting pregnant in prison?


Victor Rantala


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