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‘Booty slapping’ contest becomes real female Russian bodybuilding event based on male version

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Russian women have reportedly invented a new sport called “booty slapping.” It involves women slapping each other on the butt cheeks as hard as possible.

The sport was launched in response to Russia’s “male slapping” championships. These involve men slapping each other on the facial cheeks as hard as possible.

Because Russia isn’t encumbered by the political correctness of the feminists and other liberal snowflakes that have infested the United States, women in the transcontinental nation didn’t respond by pounding their fists and demanding they be allowed to play. Instead, they invented their own competition.

It reportedly debuted last month at the Yashankin Cup bodybuilding competition in Moscow.

Watch titillating scenes from the competition below:

In the slightly remixed lyrics of the rapper Trina, “Whoop! Whoop! Pull over that [booty] too fat!”

According to RT, the rules are “unsurprisingly simple.”

“[T]he competitors, who all share a keen interest in working out, take it in turns to slap the other on the booty, putting to the test the results of their squat regimes,” the outlet notes.

“The winner is the first to administer a slap hard enough to the other’s behind to knock them off balance, causing them to fall over or step forward, avoiding any serious harm, which is in stark contrast to the men’s version.”

In stark contrast indeed. During one “male slapping” champion that occurred in March and quickly went viral across the Internet, a gigantic farmer from Siberia repeatedly knocked his weaker opponent into near-out-of-consciousnesses.


While the female competition was reportedly open to “all who wished to participate,” according to Fox News, only fitness models wound up signing up.

One of the finalists wound up being Anastasia Zolotaya, a fitness blogger known for sharing useful tips on how to strengthen one’s stubborn booty muscles. She can be seen in the video above wearing very tight leather pants.

Her Instagram, which boasts nearly 500,000 followers, contains numerous videos of her demonstrating her rigorous workout routines. Watch one delightful example below:

Now that’s talent!

While the prizes for the “booty slapping” contest remain unknown, the man in the “male slapping” contest from March reportedly won 30,000 rubles, or $470.

See more of Zolotaya’s workout routines below:


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Butt slapping isn’t exactly a new phenomenon, though it’s certainly never been presented as a sport of its own. If anything, it’s a common gesture used by men in sports like football and baseball. Why do they use it? That remains a tad unclear …

“In 2007, Johns Hopkins News-Letter editor Mary Doman asked some of the school’s athletes about it and got a variety of responses about the ‘extra-low five,'” Mental Floss magazine notes.

“A freshman tennis player told her that the meaning of the butt slap is pretty open-ended depending on the context and relationship between slapper and slappee. ‘Well, a nice smack on the butt could mean anything,’ he said. ‘It can just mean nice job or you’ll get them next time, but it can also mean simply, hi, how you doin, or how’s that essay coming along, or wow, your butt is pretty muscly today. You been working out?'”

Interesting …

There are however some rules that must be followed when men slap each other on the butt. According to the sports blog HowTheyPlay, men should refrain from squeezing the butt, slap only one butt cheek and keep their eyes up during the slap.

While the rules of the women’s “booty slapping” are unknown, it’s clear they definitely abide by a whole different set of guidelines:

Eyes up here, lady!

Now remember the feminists and liberal snowflakes mentioned earlier? Some of them aren’t too happy about this competition:

As for everybody else, they’re loving it!


In the words of the rapper Bubba Sparxxx, “Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhere!”


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