Rush Limbaugh blisters Disney over abortion hypocrisy: Law protects ‘Children! Children! Kids! Little babies…’

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Screen capture … Lou Dobbs and Pastor Robert Jeffress … Credit: Fox Business

Disney CEO Bob Iger is getting blistered in the conservative media for his statements threatening that the media heavyweight would have to reconsider filming in Georgia if the “fetal heartbeat” bill takes effect. “If it becomes law, it will be very difficult to produce there. I rather doubt we will. I don’t think, one, I think many people who work for us will not want to work there,” Iger said in a Reuters interview on Wednesday.

Last night, Rush Limbaugh had some choice words for Iger and the supposedly family-friendly Disney company. “Disney is a network that got started doing what? Making programs and theme parks for who? Children! Children! Kids! Little babies, who grow up to become Disney fans. They watch Disney TV shows, they watch Disney movies, they buy Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse dolls, they go to the theme park.”

Paraphrasing the apparent Disney attitude, Limbaugh continued: “We can’t shoot in a state that’s gonna’ protect children. We can’t do business in a state that’s going to finally take action to make sure children are not wantonly killed — and, in fact, we’re gonna take our production and we’re gonna go back to, where? Hollywood? Hollywood, where we have a paragon of virtue? Hollywood, which is apparently morally correct? No, we can’t shoot where these scumbags are in Georgia passing all these restrictive abortion bills, protecting our audience.”

“This is just hypocritical and crazy,” said Limbaugh. “Disney is a company founded on programming and facilities for children. And the abortion law in Georgia is designed to save and protect children.”

Limbaugh really raked Disney and other media companies over the coals during his program, coming back later to say, “You know, you look at these southern states, these are conservative states — Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi. Look at how hard they bend over backwards to get this industry to do business in their states. And then what do they do? They come in there, and they start making movies and TV shows that do what? That start trashing people, people that live in these states. They start making fun of people who live in the South. They trash these people. They make movies and TV shows and make jokes about ’em. And then they righteously say, “We can’t do business in a state that’s going to be this biased against women. Our employees won’t put up with it.”

Also yesterday, Lou Dobbs and his guest evangelical pastor Robert Jeffress blasted Disney. Jeffress condemned the company as “insane” and “blinded by evil” for their opposition to the Georgia law that will ban abortions after six weeks in the womb.

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Dobbs asked for the pastor’s reaction to Iger’s threat to abandon the state.

“I would say let them go and don’t let the door hit them on the backside, if you know what I mean,” said Jeffress. “But, for Disney to do this when their whole market is children, they want to murder, they want to support the murder of their future audience. That’s not only not good — not good morals, it’s not good business, either. They are absolutely insane. They are blinded by evil in their support of abortion.”

“Most assuredly if Iger and [Netflix chief of content Ted] Sarandos carry out their threats, retaliation from the other side will follow and it will escalate to the disadvantage and destruction of all,” Dobbs said during his program monologue. “It is time for deeper thinking and not reflexive virtue shaming on the part of CEOs. That is destructive for everyone’s interest.”



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