Just when you think Eric Swalwell’s humiliating campaign can’t get worse …

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Screen capture … Rep. Eric Swalwell … Video: Des Moines Register

There’s a guy out there on the campaign trail who swears that if you donate $5 to his cause, he’ll beat Trump.

The guy is not JFK, Abe Lincoln, or George Washington … the only fellows who might have a chance to overtake 45 in 2020, and they are not in the running.

Rep. Eric Swalwell of California insists he is a candidate to become the 2020 Democrat presidential nominee, though very few have heard of him or know about his views. And of those who do know him, they have an “unfavorable” opinion of him, by an almost 4 to 1 margin.

Data doesn’t lie. The numbers are revealed in a Quinnipiac poll that was released Tuesday. According to that poll, a paltry sum of just 12% of Democrats have a favorable view of Swalwell. And stacked up against the other declared candidates, he does not even register among the hopefuls.

The guy belongs in a unique category that could be called “hopeless.”

Still, Swalwell is out there making promises he can’t keep while trying to raise some dough with a tweet he seems to think will win him some support …

Best guess is, the offensive tweet will only continue to diminish his chances of a rise through the ranks of also-rans.

PLEASE give me money the tweet pleads, dripping with desperation.

There are so many ways Swalwell is turning people off.  Hell, even his own parents are Trump voters, according to PBS, so how convincing and credible can he be if his own mother can’t stand behind him?

If there is one thing Swalwell is recognized for, it is his adamant promise to seize guns and his comment that he will “nuke” those who refuse to turn in their firearms.

Then there is the fact that he “is a financial mess” according to a Washington Beacon article posted last week.

The Beacon reports, the 38-year old leftist politician graduated from law school in 2006, and was employed as a prosecutor and town councilman in Dublin, California, earning more than $100,000 per year, before being elected to Congress in 2012, where he earns $174,000 annually. Yet, Swalwell has failed to significantly pay down his student loan and he has built up his credit card debt.

According to the Beacon:

Swalwell has failed to significantly pay down his biggest debt—the $50,001 to $100,000 worth of student loan debt he owed when he first ran for Congress in 2011 still remains at the same level. He has also lost his largest asset—the $15,001 to $50,000 he had invested an Alameda County pension fund when he first ran was cashed out in 2013.

Back to that tweet from yesterday … he said “no more Muslim ban.” Swalwell is certainly aware that there is no Muslim ban, and there never was one. The President tried to ban travel from specific high-risk terrorist-sponsor nations and this didn’t affect the huge majority of Muslims in the world in their travels.

“No more kids in cages,” he said. Also very deceptive. Putting kids in cages was originally an Obama practice at the border, which Trump put a stop to. Those widely publicized images of kids in cages were from the Obama era, which ended when voters woke up.

Finally, the question must be asked: When did the current administration in any way attempt to “take away women’s human rights?”

It’s the radical Democrats who are running on campaign platforms based on taking away citizens’ human rights and marginalizing the Constitution.


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