Twitter bans for life well-known Trump ‘resistance’ brothers, but not so fast for those claiming fair play

Twitter has banned for life Ed and Brian Krassenstein, the vile Trump Resistance brothers, and the left is declaring that this proves all is well with the social media giant because it shows they are unbiased in their punitive actions.

But not so fast.

The Krassenstein brothers, who amassed a massive following, were jettisoned for “operating multiple fake accounts and purchasing account interactions,” which isn’t the same as being suspended because of political opinions, as seen repeatedly on the right.

(Twitter would claim otherwise, of course.)

Just ask actor James Woods, who has blatantly stated that he was being censored by Twitter — the outspoken conservative actor has 2+ million followers and his account has been suspended for weeks.

He recently said that his tweeting days may be in the past if this is the norm.

“As long as [CEO] Jack Dorsey remains the coward he seems to be, my Twitter days are in the past,” Woods said in a statement.

Twitter presented the action against the Krassensteins as fair play.

“The Twitter Rules apply to everyone,” a company spokesperson said in a statement, according to The Daily Beast. “Operating multiple fake accounts and purchasing account interactions are strictly prohibited. Engaging in these behaviors will result in permanent suspension from the service.”

The online news outlet billed the brothers who regularly trolled President Trump and his supporters on Twitter as “heroes of the anti-Trump resistance.”

“Twitter claims that we manipulated our interactions through the purchase of fake accounts and fake interactions,” the brothers told the Daily Beast. “We’ve never once acquired anything for the purpose of increasing our Twitter presence.”

They claimed the secondary accounts were to monitor death threats and accounts for their businesses.

To be fair, the Daily Beast reported the Krassenstein brothers’ homes were raided in 2017 by federal agents investigating an alleged investment scheme — they were not charged, although agents reportedly seized half a million dollars from the brothers.

NBC reporter Ben Collins did his part in feeding the narrative that the decision was a matter of free speech — albeit in a joking manner.

“No matter how you feel about them, their truly Orwellian banishment is a stark reminder of the chilling effect that banning the Krassenstein brothers will have on free spe lol had you for a second,” he tweeted.

Either way, every time Twitter is criticized for censoring conservative voices, the left will forevermore cry out in unison, “But the Krassenstein brothers!”

Some were eager not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but the fact remains that while not having the Krassenstein brothers around certainly improves the odor of the toxic wasteland known as Twitter, it does little to ensure that conservatives will be treated fairly.

At the same time, there was much fun to be had. After all, this is social media, not the real world some so desperately try to make it out to be.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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