Self-professed ‘stupid’ Polish model regrets chiseling nose off historic statue for kicks

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Screen capture … Instagram “influencer” Julia Slonska knocked the nose of a 200-year-old angel statue to gain followers. Credit: Instagram

An Instagram model in Poland thought that chiseling the nose off a 200-year-old statue would be good way to make a splash and gain more followers. Julia Slonska, an Instagram influencer, posted a brief video to her account in which she laughs while knocking the nose off an angel statue in Warsaw’s Swiss Valley Park.

She realized her stupidity when she lost what was probably her only paying gig as a result. She was immediately dropped by Polish online bank mBank from an ad modeling contract when her crime came to light.

“We definitely do not support such behavior, and the appropriate services should deal with it,” a bank spokesman said. “As for the responsibility for what the actress does many weeks after the completed photos are taken — we cannot be responsible for the individual choices of such people” reported Metro. “We do not plan to involve this girl in the next spots.”

The backlash from Instagram users was also swift. Many were angered at her pointless action and appalled at the destruction of a historic monument.

The video has been removed from Instagram. Slonska’s Facebook account has been deleted and she has not posted to her Instagram account since the outrage arose.

She reportedly issued an apology saying, as translated from Polish, “What happened yesterday should not have taken place at all and seriously, I regret that I did it. I’m so stupid. I will not say what was driving me, why I did it, because it is more of a private affair, but I really wanted to apologise to everyone.”

Stupid is right. Note that she doesn’t even know how to use a hammer, using the claw side to break the statue …

Video source: Instagram

A repair job has been done to the statue, but, well … check the image in the following tweet …

Slonska has over 6000 followers on Instagram and is an “influencer.” Designated influencers are recognized for marketing clout and are seen as “thought leaders in their niche or area of expertise,” according to Izea. God help us.

Izea explains what an influencer is …

An Instagram Influencer doesn’t have to have a huge following to be successful. But having the ability to engage with a sufficient number of people is a must. That said, the major role of an Instagram influencer is to help increase a brand’s profile and engagement. This is accomplished by publishing sponsored posts (either photos or video).

An example is an Instagrammer who’s also a fashion blogger. Dress Company A might approach the blogger and ask her to style one of the brand’s dresses in a photo. If the blogger agrees to work with the brand, she’ll choose a dress, find a way to wear it that makes it look fashionable and fantastic, take a few photos, and post at least one of those photos on her Instagram account.


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