Local charter school fundraiser gets cancelled over a tweet … posted by James Comey!

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Thanks to disgraced former FBI Director James Comey’s goofy Twitter habits and the conspiracy theorist lunatics who take his inane proclamations too seriously, what was to have been a fun-filled charter school fundraiser this weekend in Northern California had to be cancelled.

The drama surrounding the Grass Valley Charter School fundraiser began to unfold in late April, when Comey decided to participate in the trending hashtag game #FiveJobsIveHad:

Nothing too exciting about the tweet, right? Wrong!

A conspiracy theorist reportedly thought he saw something odd about the tweet. Combined, the first letter of each line spelled out GVCSF, which just so happens be the the acronym for Grass Valley Charter School’s parent company, the Grass Valley Charter School Foundation.

The unnamed conspiracy theory then discovered another alleged code — this one in the #FiveJobsIveHad hashtag itself. Apparently, if you randomly pluck some of the letters out of the hashtag and rearrange them, they spell out “jihad” … *facepalm*.

Based on these discoveries, the conspiracy theorist concluded that a terrorist attack was scheduled to occur at Grass Valley Charter School. And stunningly enough, this absolutely insane conspiracy theory wound up going viral on social media:

But it gets worse.

According to Wendy Willoughby, the president of the Grass Valley Charter School Foundation, these unhinged conspiracy theorists began contacting locals to warn them about this alleged terror attack.

“We had a combination of followers trying to find if we were legitimate and others who follow this madness and were concerned,” she said to The Sacramento Bee.

“They felt we were being targeted by Comey and that they alerted us to the disastrous event that would befall the festival. “Many put up videos (or) went to photos on our website – there were photos of our children. It became very personal, very frightening.”

And so in an attempt to stop the madness, the Grass Valley Charter School Foundation wound up just going ahead and cancelling its third annual “Blue Marble Jubilee” fundraiser, which had been expected to attract up to 1,500 people and raise up to $25,000.

“It’s ridiculous and something you sort of you want to laugh it off as something that doesn’t have a lot of merit,” Willoughby added in frustration to Sacramento station KOVR.

Plus, conspiracy theories have a tendency of bringing out the crazy in people.

“These theories, although based in no reality or fact or evidence, can often drive unstable people to do really dangerous things,” she justifiably noted.



Speaking with the Bee, Grass Valley Charter School principal Scott Maddock noted as well that, had the fundraiser continued, it would have likely drawn unsavory characters.

“This is one of the most frustrating things I’ve dealt with as far as being an administrator….It has been a huge weight. There wasn’t a lot of sleep, there was a lot of stress,” he said.

“Not because we thought there was a threat to the school or the site, but that we were tied to this conspiracy theory through this acronym and that would bring the wrong crowd to a fun day of kids’ games, music and food. That was reason enough to cancel.”

Fair enough.

As for the bumbling idiots who started this mess — not necessarily including Comey, who some would argue doesn’t deserve any blame for this, though others would contend that he too is a bumbling idiot nonetheless — the public at large have found some codes of their own:

Comey has, for his part, not tweeted about or mentioned the lunatics who used his tweet to spread a conspiracy, not that he’d have any room to criticize them.

He is, after all, among the far-left liberal Democrats who spent two years touting their own silly conspiracy theory, i.e., the infamous Russian collusion delusion conspiracy theory …


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