Left calls Lindsey Graham’s letter to Mueller about Barr phone call a warning

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Robert Mueller, Attorney General Bill Barr, and Sen. Lindsey Graham

On Friday, Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham sent a letter to Robert Mueller offering him the opportunity to testify regarding the phone call he had with Attorney General Bill Barr that was brought up last week during Barr’s testimony before the Senate.

It was the traditional, respectful way government business is supposed to take place, as opposed to the political grandstanding stunts the Democrats have been limiting themselves to … as in eating fried chicken on the House floor.

Clearly, Graham has had enough of the political gamesmanship with regard to the Mueller report and obstruction claims and wants to put this all in the rearview mirror. In his letter to Mueller, the senator stated:

In response to questions by Senator Blumenthal, the Attorney General testified in essence that you told him in a phone call that you did not challenge the accuracy of the Attorney General’s summary of your report’s principal conclusions, but rather you wanted more of the report, particularly the executive summaries concerning obstruction of justice, to be released promptly. In particular, Attorney General Barr testified that you believed media coverage of your investigation was unfair without the public release of those summaries. Please inform the Committee if you would like to provide testimony regarding any misrepresentation by the Attorney General of the substance of that phone call.

The full letter is here:

Sen. Graham’s May 3 letter to Robert Mueller

The leftist media has raised questions about whether Barr has been misleading in characterizing the substance of the Mueller special investigation report. Last week, during Barr’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Dems repeatedly asked him about a March 27 letter Mueller sent to him in which he expressed his opinion that Barr, in his four-page summary of the investigation, did not fully capture the essence of the special counsel’s report.

In an explosive episode during Barr’s testimony, while being harangued by Sen. Richard “Da Nang Dick” Blumenthal , Barr admitted contemporaneous notes were taken during his call with Mueller, but Barr declined to hand the notes over to the committee. Watch that memorable video here.

The Graham letter to Mueller aims to sidestep endless media and Democrat accusations and suppositions. Getting Mueller before the Senate for questioning is a dream come true for the Dems, but it is not clear what form the “testimony” might take, if it happens.

Some conservatives are afraid that the Mueller invite is a serious misstep by Graham.

Another fascinating take on the Graham letter is that some lefty wingnuts online are theorizing the letter is actually a threat to Mueller to keep his mouth shut. Needless to say, it’s very hard to see the rationale in that take.

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