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Obama, Hillary refuse to use the word ‘Christians’ in their infuriating responses to Sri Lanka attack on Christians

(Image: Voice of America)

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Former President Barack Obama and failed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton are being slammed for their blatant refusal to use the word ‘Christian’ in describing the victims of the Sri Lanka bombings on Easter Sunday.

Churches and luxury hotels were targeted in eight separate bomb attacks leaving nearly 300 dead and hundreds of others injured in the attacks on the Christian Holy Day, sparking waves of international reaction and social media outpourings of shock and sympathy.

But prominent Democrats came under fire for what seemed like more than an obvious snub of Christians, with Obama and Clinton noticeably avoiding the reference.

Obama’s use of the term “Easter worshippers” was echoed by his former Secretary of State in her message against “hatred and violence.”

This was not just an “attack on humanity,” as Obama stated. It was a blatant attack on Christians. Three Christian churches bombed by the terrorists on a day when they would be filled with Christians seems to make it obvious to most that the Christian minority in Sri Lanka was specifically being targeted.

Christians, the people who were in those churches on Easter Sunday, were the victims.

The disrespect and the nonsensical term “Easter worshippers” turned the wrath of many on Obama and Clinton.

When the Catholic cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, France was engulfed in flames last week, Obama offered his thoughts on “one of the world’s greatest treasures,” with no mention of the church’s meaning to Christians.

And while the left will spew about the overreactions of conservatives to the anti-Christian prejudice, there can be no denial that both Clinton and Obama had no hesitation offering their support to the “Muslim community” after an attack on a New Zealand mosque last month.

The seemingly coordinated language in the tweets had many on social media wondering if the Democratic National Committee had sent out a “memo.”

Obama and Clinton were not alone.

Many offered explanations and defended the Democrats. They were promptly schooled.

“Pointing out how odd it is that the most influential Democrats are avoiding saying the word “Christian” isn’t a conspiracy,” Independent Journal Review’s Caleb Hullnoted. “It’s a legitimate observation.”

Frieda Powers


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