Susan Collins slammed by both sides for Mueller report comment: ‘Winner of the Jeff Flake Award’

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When you try to dance in the middle between two warring factions, you have no friends. RINO Sen. Susan Collins from Maine is being reminded of that once again after concluding that the Mueller report is an “unflattering portrayal of the President.”

Leftists who continue to try to make the case that President Trump should not be let off the hook, even after the Mueller-report exoneration, are livid with Collins’ comments reflecting her penchant for being non-committal. Conservatives are also disgusted with Collins’ fence-sitting.

Collins sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee. She spoke with Maine Public Radio on Friday.

“The Russians were determined to try to influence public opinion and interfere in our elections, and that is a serious threat to our democratic institution,” she said.

On the subject of President Trump, Collins said, “He was not only very upset by the special counsel’s investigations, but tried several times through intermediaries to end it, and it is an unflattering portrayal of the President.”

She offered, “It is very clear that this report appears to have changed very few minds in Washington. I personally found the report to be a very thorough undertaking.”

For many on the left, “obstruction” investigations with the aim of impeachment is now apparently the rallying cry. Anyone not on board with that is the enemy. Similarly, those defending the President are digging in and not taking kindly to those who aren’t shoulder to shoulder with them.

In a very rare show of bipartisan solidarity, the left and the right are both spitting out the weak, bitter tang of the indecisive few like Collins.

Here’s a particularly interesting and unbelievable leftist tweet (for obvious reasons) …

Collins is up for reelection in 2020. Is it possible she will not receive ANY votes, the way things are looking for her?

It’s worth noting, Collins is not the only RINO seeking to lose friends. Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah said on Friday, “I am sickened at the extent and pervasiveness of dishonesty and misdirection by individuals in the highest office of the land, including the President.”

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