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Alec Baldwin teases a possible run for president. Aims and fires at Trump, misses and hits Hillary.

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Alec Baldwin was roasted for his inadvertent, but hilarious, burn of Hillary Clinton after he pitched the idea of running against President Trump in a 2020 election bid.

The actor who infamously portrayed the president on “Saturday Night Live” reached out to his more than 1 million Twitter followers on Monday, asking if they would support him in a run against Trump

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“Beating Trump would be so easy. So easy. So easy,” he tweeted, promising he would win.

Twitter users found a familiar ring in Baldwin’s clam.

Democrats continue to support the idea that if Clinton had done a few things differently, she could have easily won the election in 2016. Accepting and understanding Trump’s appeal may be their downfall again.

Baldwin, the former “30 Rock” star, who won an Emmy Award in 2017 for his Trump parody, has been a frequent and very vocal critic of the president. Trump had slammed the actor’s “terrible impersonation” and mocked his “mediocre career” in a tweet last year.

“If I ran, I would win,” a confidant Baldwin had declared on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show last year.

“I would absolutely win,” he added, noting that his presidential bid would be  “the funniest, most exciting, most crazy campaign.”

Baldwin was unsure if he would reprise his Trump impersonation for Saturday Night Live’s 45th season, telling “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon, “I Just Don’t Know.”

He may not have meant his proposed presidential bid seriously, but Twitter users were quick with a response to his idea of joining an overly crowded Democratic field for 2020.

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