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James Woods’ bold prediction after Mueller’s report finishes off melting liberals as only he can

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Following the effective conclusion Friday of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian collusion, outspoken conservative Hollywood actor James Woods made a bold prediction.

“#MuellerTime certainly not Happy Hour for #Democrats. Robert Mueller just got President Trump re-elected by a landslide,” he tweeted.


How, though, did Mueller get President Donald Trump elected? Woods believes he accomplished this by proving that Democrats and their media allies have been lying from day one.

“It is now sadly clear that a preponderance of so-called ‘news’ coming from America’s mainstream media outlets is unvarnished biased drivel. They have aided and abetted the disgruntled Democrats’ unholy jihad against this President. They are truly the #EnemyOfThePeople #Russiagata,” he added.

He wasn’t wrong.

Since practically the day that Trump was elected president in late 2016, Democrats and their media allies have been alleging without evidence — unless you count the murmurings of anonymous sources as evidence — that Trump is an “agent of Russia” who worked in tandem with Russian President Vladimir Putin to affect the outcome of the election.

They’ve also falsely accused him of treason, claimed his children would be indicted and suggested that, upon his own indictment, he’d refuse to be arrested by federal authorities:

Come again, Joy Reid?

And now that the Mueller report has dropped without anyone being indicted, charged or convicted for collusion, Democrats and their media allies appear to be changing the narrative again.

“What are the facts that Mueller found? If there is a narrative in there, let’s wait and see what he found,” CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said Friday in regard to Mueller’s report.


Remember that the “narrative” was that Trump would be indicted for collusion. Now the “narrative” is that there might be something in Mueller’s report that provides something.

What something? Any something, so long as it hurts the president.

The media’s bias is glaringly obvious to Woods, among many others:

It’s all about credibility, and according to Woods, neither the Democrats nor their media allies have any left. In fact, the media’s credibility had already been in the cellar prior to the end of Mueller’s investigation. And with the investigation now over and the media’s false narratives exposed, one has to wonder whether the media has any credibility left with the American people.

The key point of the actor’s tweet was that, now that Trump’s arch-nemesis in the media have been exposed and he’s been cleared of Russian collusion, there’s nothing substantive Democrats and their media allies can use to disparage/smear his character and presidency going into 2020.

Add this week’s stunning events to the recent news about the economy — it’s booming –and it becomes very clear why Woods is so confident Trump will indeed win reelection.


Vivek Saxena


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