Did she or didn’t she? Video of Dem Sen ‘threatening’ freshman Sinema for clapping at SOTU takes Twitter by storm

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Did a Democrat member of Congress angrily warn one of her peers to “watch your ass”? That, dear Watson, appears to be the question on the minds of some Americans, including Laura Ingraham.

The Fox News host is among a number of Twitter users who suspect that during President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday evening, Democrat Sen. Jacky Rosen told fellow Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema to “watch your ass” after Sinema had the gall to stand up and applaud.

The evidence? A video that shows Sinema applauding and then Rosen standing up as she mouths something to her fellow senator. Note that Rosen doesn’t join Sinema in applauding:

According to Ingraham and a surprising number of other notable figures and entities, the movement of Rosen’s mouth suggests that what she had said to Sinema was “watch your ass.”


While this theory may sound conspiratorial to some, keep in mind that the modern Democrat Party is compromised of veritable lunatics who support infanticide, who defend hate groups and who sometimes threaten children. In light of this, the idea that that one Democrat might say “watch your ass” to another Democrat doesn’t seem that far-fetched, does it?

To be clear, the video doesn’t necessarily prove anything. There’s a reason “bad lip reading” videos are popular — because lip-reading is highly subjective, particularly when practiced by the uninitiated.

As noted by nationally certified sign language interpreter and deaf community ally Lydia Callis in a column for HuffPost published two years ago, “Lip reading is no simple task.”

“Studies show that only about 30 to 45 percent of the English language can be understood through lip reading alone. Even the most talented lip readers are not able to gather a full message based solely on lip reading, although they are often quite skilled at interpreting facial cues, body language, and context to figure it out.”

In the hands of the unskilled, this is what lip reading can produce:

Dovetailing back to Sinema, she stood up and applauded when the president spoke about the Right to Try Act, a policy prescription that reportedly originated in the senator’s state of Arizona and was signed into law by Trump last May. The president mentioned it while talking about healthcare.

The bill allows people with life-threatening illnesses and have exhausted all other treatment options to try experimental drugs without obtaining approval from the FDA.

The video below shows Trump hugging a 9-year-old victim of muscular dystrophy as he signs the bill:


“We eliminated the very unpopular Obamacare individual mandate penalty and to give critically-ill patients access to life-saving cures, we passed very importantly, right to try,” he said Tuesday.

In response, Sinema jumped to her feet and applauded. Rosen stood up shortly thereafter and said/whispered something to the Arizona senator. What she said remains unclear.

Though some suspect she told Sinema to “watch your ass,” Tré Goins-Phillips, an editor at Faithwire.com, has urged caution, arguing that it could just be a case of “bad lip reading”:


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