‘That’s a crazy thing to say, Katy.’ MSNBC segment gets real when host claims middle class has vanished

MSNBC anchor Katy Tur got a series of reality checks after having a tantrum over billionaires and the disappearance of the middle class.

Tur discussed Senator Elizabeth Warren’s latest proposal for a “wealth tax” with SiriusXM’s Director of Progressive Programming, Zerlina Maxwell, on MSNBC Wednesday, praising the Massachusetts Democrat’s 2020 presidential campaign platform while slamming 2020 candidates Howard Schultz and Michael Bloomberg for their criticism.

Guest panelist John Podhoretz quickly took the wind out of Tur’s sails by reminding her we live in America.

“We have never in this country done anything remotely like it. We don’t do it because we tax earnings. We do not believe the government has the right to take/seize property from people simply because of the fact that they have more money,” the Commentary Magazine editor said.

Tur was nonplussed and shot back with an unfounded claim that the country no longer has a middle class.

“You have people like Howard Schultz, Mike Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos, the list goes on, who make tons of money,” she said. “You have this class of people who have more wealth and everybody else combined and almost no middle class any longer, and people who have no money whatsoever who are basically living on the poverty line.”

“We have no middle class any longer?” a confused Podhoretz asked.

When Tur replied “We have a much smaller class than we historically used to,” Podhoretz shot back, “No, we don’t.”

“No, we don’t. That’s actually not true,” he said.

“We just had a government shutdown where 800,000 federal workers were missing one or two paychecks and a number of them said that they were worried about paying groceries because they couldn’t –” Tur tried to explain.

“That doesn’t mean that they’re not the middle class,” Podhoretz continued to push back.

“But living paycheck to paycheck is not middle class,” Tur argued as Podhoretz explained, “Middle class is an income level.”

Maxwell interjected in an attempt to back up Tur’s claims but Podhoretz was not about to drop the issue and continued to fact-check the women.

“That is just simply incorrect,” he said. “The median income in this country has gone up $6,000 in the last two years from 47 to $53,000 a year.”

“So everyone’s doing fine?” was Tur’s snarky response.

“I’m not saying everyone’s doing fine, but you just said that there’s no middle class anymore,” Podhoretz countered. “That’s a crazy thing to say, Katy.”

But Tur was relentless in her pursuit of spreading the left’s rhetoric, declaring that the “strength of the middle class does not match what it used to be.”

“Okay, watch the 2020 election,” Podhoretz sarcastically fired back. “The entire 2020 election is going to be fought trying to get middle class voters to vote for you. If there are no people in the middle class, that’s a dumb strategy.”

Frieda Powers


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