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Kamala Harris gets ready to target a very specific demographic for 2020, but there’s already trouble…

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Thanks to political correctness run hilariously amok, 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, a black woman, is apparently not black enough to represent the black community.

On the same day that The Wall Street Journal ran a report revealing that the California senator plans to win the Democrat primary and then the presidency next year in part by appealing specifically to young black women, one far-left black activist tore into her for her alleged lack of blackness:

Tariq Nasheed, a known far-left activist who describes himself as an “anti-racism strategist,” first compared Harris to Rachel Dolezal — a white woman who literally pretends to be black — and then took a dig at the California senator over a recently released cringeworthy campaign video designed to appeal to the black community.


Stunningly, he wasn’t alone in his criticism of Harris, a biracial woman with an Indian mother and Jamaican father. Other critics accused her of pandering to the black community for political gain:

These remarkable criticisms were posted the same day that The Wall Street Journal revealed that Harris plans to swing through South Carolina on Friday to visit with members of the historically black sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha, of which she happens to be a longtime member.

“The Harris campaign plans to rely on her status as the potential first black woman president, banking on black women voters to see Ms. Harris through a lens of shared experiences,” the outlet reported, adding that black women have become her and other Democrats’ “top target” in the 2020 race.

“Black women have enormous power,” one of her political allies, Nina Turner of Our Revolution political group, said, adding that black women “vote overwhelmingly for Democrats no matter what.”

But if black women “vote overwhelmingly for Democrats no matter what,” then why expend valuable time and resources appealing to them? Perhaps they don’t vote as “overwhelmingly” for Democrats as she and other Democrats have long arrogantly assumed?

In fact, Turner conceded that in the case of Harris — and all future Democrat candidates — there’s work to be done, especially given the senator’s past as a prosecutor.

“Ms. Turner noted that black women voters would likely be inspired by Ms. Harris’s candidacy but said the senator’s background as a prosecutor and attorney general in California would be a potent line of attack against her by other Democratic candidates,” the WSJ pointed out.

“When Ms. Harris announced her candidacy in a television interview on Monday, she faced questions about whether her résumé reflects a candidate more aligned with law enforcement than with minority communities.”

This places her record in stark contrast to that of President Donald Trump, whom she frequently castigates despite his success record in implementing real criminal justice reform.

“Many reform advocates say the U.S. criminal justice system has disproportionately affected the black community; Ms. Harris said she sympathized with the cause and wished she could have done more when she was a prosecutor,” the outlet added.

See some of her announcement may be seen below:



“Just having a shared experience alone isn’t really going to do it. What black women are going to want, what black people are going to want…is to know where you stand. And have you been standing there all along, or are you standing there because you’re running for president?” Turner said.

She’s not wrong. Given the growing criticism on social media — some of it outrageous, as evidenced by Nasheed’s complaints, but some of it quite legitimate — it’s clear Harris will have to do far more than just tout her status as a minority if she wants to win in 2020.


Vivek Saxena


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