Bongino rages against trending anti-Christian school hashtag: ‘Of all the disgusting, disgraceful, horrifying, anti-American …’


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The left’s growing anti-Christian bigotry was on full display this weekend as hordes of leftists rushed to Twitter to make the bigoted hashtag #ExposeChristianSchools trend.

Leftists reportedly launched the hashtag as a means to continue smearing Vice President Mike Pence wife’s, Karen, who has come under intense fire for accepting a job at a Christian school whose rules and regulations adhere to the tenets set forth in the Bible (oh, no!).

Examples of this hateful hashtag may be seen below:

Note how some of the bigots used anecdotal tales from their own lives to justify smearing all Christian schools, never mind the actual facts and statistics, which for instance show that private religious schools generally perform better than public schools.

A study by California State University at Long Beach professor of education William Jeynes published nine years ago found that students at religious, mostly Christian schools tend to be roughly a year ahead, academically, of their public school peers.

“Jeynes found that there were several reasons that religious schools do better. At religious schools, the students are encouraged to take difficult courses much more frequently and they have a ‘can-do attitude,'” The Christian Post reported at the time.

This attitude contrasts sharply with the “me me me,” “I am a victim,” “I need a safe space” mentality that pervades the public school system, including America’s left-wing-dominated colleges and universities, as noted by Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” co-host Pete Hegseth:

Now, remember the anecdotal evidence that the left’s anti-Christian bigots used to smear all Christian schools? Well, it turns out that plenty of Americans have their own anecdotal horror stories about the rundown public schools they were forced to attend.



Except it turns out that, instead of being anecdotal evidence, these narratives can actually be proven: Public schools are in fact promoting transgender ideology, allowing the flag to be disrespected, pushing anti-Americanism, teaching anti-white racism and more.

Moreover, while there doesn’t seem to be many (if any) good things that can be said about America’s ailing public school system, there appears to be plenty to be said about its Christian schools:


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