Oops! CNN analyst accuses black radio host David Webb of ‘white privilege’. His response… priceless

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You’d be hard pressed to find a better example of how uninformed, shall we say dense, liberals are than an incident Tuesday involving CNN analyst Areva Martin.

While discussing there not being enough black people interested in journalism with Sirius XM radio host David Webb, who’s also a host on FOX Nation, a not-so-bright Martin hit him with the “white privilege” tag because of his views on race.

Unbeknownst to the CNN analyst, Webb is a black man — which goes to show just how much research she did beforehand.

Webb was talking about himself, saying when he applies for positions he considers his qualification to be the issue, not the color of his skin.

Mentioning the color of skin triggered the progressive dogma on race that Martin has so clearly been steeped in.

“Well then, that’s a whole ‘nother long conversation about white privilege — the things you have the privilege of doing that people of color don’t have the privilege of,” she told Webb.

You can imagine how this confused Webb.

“How do I have the privilege of white privilege?” he asked.

“David… by virtue of being a white male you have white privilege,” Martin answered. “This whole long conversation — I don’t have time to get into.”

“Areva,” Webb interjected. “I hate to break it to you, but you should’ve been better prepped. I’m black.”

He went on to dress her down for resorting to the “white privilege” label, telling her it’s “insulting.”

“You’re talking to a black man who started out in rock radio in Boston, who crossed the paths into hip-hop, rebuilding one of the greatest black stations in America, and went on to work for Fox News, where I’m told apparently blacks aren’t supposed to work,” he said. “But yet you come with this assumption and you go to white privilege. That’s actually insulting!”

Having no other option and nowhere to turn, Martin begrudgingly moved to offer an apology, blaming it on others who gave her bad information.

Looks like “this thing called justice” is harder than she thinks.

Martin’s position is the product of the hard left’s critical race theory, which holds that all white people are inherently racist and benefit over others by the virtue of their race.

Here’s a sampling of the reactions to the story from Twitter:


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