Watch amazing moment Texas rancher gives ‘Trophy Buckle’ off his belt to President Trump as a show of gratitude

(Image: screenshot)

President Donald Trump received an interesting personal gift from a local rancher as he met with Border Patrol officials in Texas.

Following  a roundtable discussion about border security in McAllen, Texas on Thursday, local rancher Monty Awbrey approached the president with an unusual but meaningful gift, The Daily Caller reported.

What at first seemed confusing turned out to be Awbrey taking off his own belt buckle and handing it to Trump who admired the gift as he sat in a chair sporting a white Make America Great Again hat.

“I want to gift you with my belt buckle,” Awbrey said. “You can give it to your son, Barron.”

“He’s bribing the president!” Trump joked, holding up the gift.

“I want this to be out in the open, everybody. I don’t know if this is worth 10 cents or if it’s worth $50,000, but that’s very nice of you,” Trump said, shaking Awbrey’s hand.

(Image: screenshot)

The rancher had reportedly spoken out in support of the border wall during the meeting, according to the White House pool report.

“The Border Patrol right now, their hands are tied, and these immigrants know it,” Awbrey had said, noting how coyotes often smuggled immigrants across the border, according to the Daily Caller.

Apparently gifting someone with your belt buckle is a big deal as comments on Twitter proved.

“Love the comments,” Awbrey tweeted, citing a video of the moment shared by Breitbart News’ White House Correspondent, Charlie Spiering.

Twitter comments backed up the view that, as one user put it, when a Texan gives you their belt buckle, you’re family.

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