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Ocasio-Cortez brags about Jenny from the Block pedigree and it doesn’t go well: ‘You’re not gonna birther me now’

July 28, 2018 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

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In her quest to be the center of attention, Rep.-elect Alexander Ocasio-Cortez tweeted a photo of the nameplate that hangs outside her office on Capitol Hill, under the guise of reassuring followers that she’s still a ranking member of the proletariat.

But then, as is often the case when the self-described democratic socialist from New York speaks, there’s controversy over her message. In declaring that she is “still Alex from the Bronx” — a reference to Jennifer Lopez’s song, “Jenny from the Block” — it seems Ocasio-Cortez forgot that she’s not really from the Bronx.

“Don’t be fooled by the plaques that we got, I’m still / I’m still Alex from the Bronx,” the Democratic lawmaker tweeted, along with a photo of her office plaque.


The tweeted prompted actor and political columnist Michael Knowles to remind Ocasio-Cortez of her “affluent” upbringing in well-to-do Westchester County.

“The average household wealth of the town in which you grew up is $1.2 million,” Knowles tweeted.

Turns out, Ocasio-Cortez left the Bronx when she was 5 years old and did not move back until after she graduated from Boston University.

As she is wont to do, once Ocasio-Cortez is confronted for making a dubious remark, she is quick to play the victim card.

After being caught misrepresenting the truth, she responded to Knowles’ tweet to add a little context to qualify her working class claim.

“Yep. As everyone knows, I grew up between two worlds + experienced 1st hand how a child’s zip code can shape their destiny. It was scrubbing those households’ toilets w/ my mother that I saw and breathed income inequality. I decided to make a difference. You decide to do this,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted.

Again, Knowles countered with a not-so-romantic version of the truth, blowing the attention-seeking Democrat out of the water for feigning victimhood.

“You didn’t grow up b/w 2 worlds. You grew up in Westchester then lied abt it then changed your bio when the lie was exposed. I grew up in the (⬇️affluent ⬆️diverse) neighboring town, spent many wknds in the Bronx. The difference: I don’t lie abt my upbringing to feign victimhood.”

Knowles also added a little context of his own in responding to a social media user supporting Ocasio-Cortz: “Right, but @Ocasio2018 didn’t grow up in a city. She grew up in a small, homogenous, affluent suburb, where she attended excellent schools before pretending she grew up in the Bronx,” he tweeted.

Following what’s become a familiar script from the newly elected Democrat who does not seem to know when to leave well enough alone when caught in a lie, she attacked her antagonist by implying that he’s a sexist, before trying to pivot and shift the focus to the GOP.

“In which a Republican literally tries to mansplaining *my own childhood* and life to me. And in true mansplaining form, he’s doing it wrong with an great degree of confidence. It begs the question: is the GOP really “sending us their best?” she replied.

Of course, she only dug the hole deeper with the butcher job on grammar, which she attempted to fix with a followup tweet noting the errors.

But Ocasio-Cortez wasn’t finished with her meltdown over being exposed as a fraud, as seen with NewsMax’s John Cardillo weighed in.

“You grew up in an affluent Westchester suburb, not the Bronx. You flat out lied. I spent more time on the streets of the south Bronx than you, so please slow your roll Congresswoman,” he tweeted.

Elevating herself to the level of Barack Obama, Ocasio-Cortez responded to inform Cardillo, “You didn’t even know who I was 7 months ago. You’re not gonna “birther” me now.”

One thing is certain, no matter how bad things get with soon-to-be Speaker Nancy Pelosi running the show in the House, we’ll always have Ocasio-Cortez for comedic relief.

Tom Tillison


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