‘Oh, brother’: Time’s 2018 ‘Person of the Year’ says A LOT about the self-absorbed media

Time magazine announced its “Person of the Year” early Tuesday morning to very little fanfare but a whirlwind of scathing criticism from those unimpressed by the media’s self-importance.

“The Guardians—Jamal Khashoggi, the Capital Gazette, Maria Ressa, Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo—are TIME’s Person of the Year 2018,” the magazine wrote in a tweet, referencing several journalists who’ve been either imprisoned or executed this year.

Jamal Khashoggi of The Washington Post was allegedly assassinated by the Saudi Arabian government in October for reasons that remain unclear.

Maria Ressa, the CEO of the Filipino news publisher Rappler, has allegedly faced a “campaign of legal harassment” from Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.

Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe of Reuters were reportedly sentenced to nearly a decade in a Myanmar prison earlier this year for their reporting on the genocide of Rohingya Muslims.

And the The Capital Gazette is a Maryland-based paper where over the summer a deranged man with a longtime vendetta committed a mass shooting that left five employees dead.

While there’s no doubt that journalists don’t deserve to be mistreated for performing the duties of their jobs, some feel as if this announcement amounts to the media patting itself on the back.


Time is considered to be a virulently left-wing outlet because of its anti-Trump headlines and its propensity for making up stories to score political points against the president.

Earlier this year it plastered the picture of a crying illegal immigrant girl on its cover and claimed she’d been separated from her mother by President Donald Trump’s administration. That turned out to be a glaring lie — perhaps even the lie of the year.

Time’s announcement Tuesday may likewise be dishonest. In the case of Khashoggi, he was reportedly a “Deep State” spook with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Sept. 11 mastermind Osama bin Laden.

And in the case of Ressa, the so-called “campaign of legal harassment” may in fact just be the Philippines Department of Justice rightfully enforcing the nation’s laws.

“Rappler president Maria Ressa on Tuesday posted a P204,000 bail at the Court of Tax Appeals (CTA) for three cases of failure to file tax returns and one case of tax evasion filed by the Department of Justice (DOJ),” ABS-CBN News has reported, suggesting she’s not a victim of harassment but rather a tax cheat.

Twitter users were quick to note these discrepancies to the magazine.


The so-called “Guardians,” as the magazine has chosen to refer to the journalists, were among several finalists, including President Vladimir Putin, special counsel Robert Mueller, President Donald Trump and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s debunked accuser, Christine Blasey Ford.

The media revealed the finalists Monday. The announcement received a similar dose of criticism.


Vivek Saxena


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