Even libs are questioning Kathy Griffin’s sanity for her Christmas tree adorned with all things Trump

Kathy Griffin’s hatred of President Donald Trump appears to be taking a a toll on the comedian’s sanity as even liberals have begun to question her obsessive behavior.

The 58-year-old has no shortage of hateful criticism of Trump and his family, even launching a line of anti-Trump merchandise for sale. But her latest post on social media left critics – and even fans – recommending she seek help.

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Griffin tweeted a video of a Christmas tree covered in her “F*** Trump” ornaments and linked to her official online store, noting that the rainbow and “classy” versions have sold out.

The ornaments were anything BUT classy as many would attest. But it was the fact that Griffin would take the holiday and all its images, meanings, memories and message to wallow in more Trump hatred was too much for many to comprehend.

The foul-mouthed comedian, who infamously posed with a fake severed, bloodied head of the president in 2017, shamelessly touted her anti-Trump merchandise in a video with fellow so-called comedian Rosie O’Donnell.

Griffin also landed herself in the middle of a war of words with Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz this week as the two duked it out on Twitter over Trump and Robert Mueller’s pending report into alleged Russian collusion.

Perhaps news of the CNN 2018 New Year’s Eve coverage lineup – without her – sent Griffin over the edge. Her latest attack on the president with her Christmas tree ornaments sparked countless comments on Twitter, many from those who couldn’t make sense of the contradiction.

Frieda Powers


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