‘Those pesky rules’: White House turns away foreign students with no ID on tour with NJ class

But for those pesky rules… it’s almost like they’re trying to protect the President of the United States or something.

Three foreign students on tour with a New Jersey class of seventh graders were turned away from a tour of the White House recently when they failed to adhere to rules sent in advance.

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The class from Henry Hudson Regional School in Highlands ran into a snow storm on their bus trip to Washington, resulting in little time for anything but the tour, the New York Post reported — even a planned lunch on the White House lawn had to be canceled.

The class cleared an initial security checkpoint, but the Secret Service stopped three students who didn’t have their passports or other identification required for non-US citizens, according to The Post.

As the paper explained, the school was required send the White House visitors office a list of those expected to take the tour and a White House “boarding pass” is sent to visitors in advance.

The pass states “all foreign nationals … regardless of age” must present acceptable forms of ID, which includes a passport, alien registration card, or State Department-issued ID.

“They’re here on visas, but they didn’t bring any of that stuff,” one father said. “They didn’t have any ID on them.”

Parents said that school administrators did not appear to verify that all students had the right ID before embarking on the trip.

So who was the most upset over the students being denied entry?

Those responsible for the snafu, of course.

[Principal Lenore Kingsmore] was very upset. She was probably more upset than [the students] were,” said school board member Karen Horner.

The principal reportedly remained outside with the foreign students.

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