Alyssa Milano raises funds to help asylum-seekers while fire-ravaged Americans suffer. She so misread her audience!

Only weeks after thousands of Americans teamed up to try and help actress Alyssa Milano find shelter for her horses as the wildfires in California threatened her home, she chose to show her gratitude by asking the American people to donate their money to help asylum refugees.

“Some friends and I are trying to raise $100,000 today to help some people in the fight of their lives, seeking asylum at our southern border,” she tweeted she wrote in a tweet last Thursday afternoon that prompted immense backlash. “Would you be willing to give #FiveForFamilies to help out?”


The most common answer was a resounding “no!” Why? Because the American people en masse felt that there were more deserving recipients of their money, such as the victims of the wildfires in California that have destroyed thousands of homes, not including her own.

“You are the kind of person I don’t understand at all. We helped save your horses from a fire that was the worst fire in California history. People died. People have absolutely nothing left. They’re living in tents. They are your fellow Americans and neighbors. Help them,” one incensed Twitter user wrote to Milano.

Many others echoed this sentiment.


During the height of the fires earlier this month, Milano posted a tweet begging for help for her horses, writing, “If anyone can get 5 horses out the fire please help me.”

In response, actor James Woods mobilized a an army of help around the hashtag #SoCalFiresJamesWoods to spread the word and get her the assistance she needed.


Thousands of Americans wound up retweeting him in a bid to aid the actress, and despite their shared objection to her radical political beliefs, which are anathema to everything Woods and his conservative followers support and hold dear, including due process.

Milano eventually found shelter for her horses. In fact, thanks to the powers that be, she, her children, her horses and her home all made it through the fire perfectly intact.

A myriad of other California residents were not so fortunate, particularly those in Paradise, a northern California town that’s nothing but ruins. Most residents of the town are now homeless.


That Milano would ignore these fellow Californians — and after so many Americans went out of their way to try and help her — and instead raise money for non-citizens felt like a slap in the face.

“God, your pathetic @Alyssa_Milano. What a slap in the face to the Americans in CA that are homeless. The children hv no homes, nothing. Also, the veterans who are also homeless,” one Twitter user wrote.

Others echoed his point about the untold number of homeless children and veterans in america.

One Twitter user had an especially interesting question: Why doesn’t Milano, who’s worth an estimated $10 million, just donate her own money instead of asking Middle Class Americans for their money?

Vivek Saxena


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