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The truth about ‘Trumpy Bear’ … his cute little face is driving leftists over-the-edge for the holidays

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Americans seeking to surprise their pro- or anti-Trump loved ones with something different this holiday season might want to consider purchasing a so-called Trumpy Bear for Christmas. Measuring 22 inches high, this stuffed animal sports an uncanny resemblance to President Donald Trump.

“I felt it was time to name an American fearless grizzly bear after our new Commander and Chief,” the bear’s inventor, V.L. Lange of New Jersey, said in a statement to The Dallas Morning News.

“This iconic bear should be viewed as the symbol that anyone can run for president of this great country of ours. The weight of the responsibilities that come with the presidency can be a burden that I, for one, could never endure,” she proudly added.

While the bear’s been on sale for years, it’s just recently earned the national spotlight courtesy the following commercial, which depicts several real-life veterans promoting it:


“I want it to be perfectly clear that the men who served in our military spoke from their hearts in the Trumpy Bear commercial,” Lange said. “Any vilification of a veteran should never be tolerated.”

Yet vilification and hatred are exactly what the president’s critics have been doling out en masse ever since the commercial began airing on television this November.

“I think it’s quite surprising how people can react so violently to an inanimate object,” Elliott Brackett of Exceptional Products Inc., which markets and advertises Lange’s bear, said to the Dallas Business Journal.

“[W]e’ve actually had death threats and what were deemed to be terroristic threats and desires to have the president assassinated, which we duly forwarded on to the authorities, and they took care of it,” he added in a statement to Yahoo News.

“I’m shocked that people take time out to spew hate from their busy days. Because it’s a teddy bear. It’s a stuffed toy. It’s almost like I’m knifing their mother personally. It’s really weird.”

Some of the hatred may be seen below:

According to Brackett, the bear isn’t even geared to be political, in that it’s been designed to appeal to everybody: to anti-Trumpers as a hilarious gag gift, and to pro-Trumpers as a tribute: “It’s a gift item, it’s an I-want-to-buy-it-for-myself item, and it’s a mess-with-somebody item.”

“It was truly and totally a marketing thing. If I could have made a Bernie bear simultaneously during the election, I would’ve made it. A Hillary bear, I would have made it,” he added.

But the folks at Exceptional Products Inc. aren’t the only ones suffering backlash because of Trumpy Bear. Even MSNBC, one of the left’s most beloved networks, has come under firing for airing the ad.


The only ones not suffering backlash for the stuffed animal are Hollywood’s left-wing comedians, who’ve been exploiting Trumpy Bear to continue bashing the president.

One example may be seen below:

Despite all the hatred and mockery, there are nevertheless a growing cadre of Americans who own a Trumpy Bear and love it with all their hearts.


Vivek Saxena


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