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‘It’s happening’: Glaring media double standard as MSNBC’s Maddow ‘reports’ on planned mass protests

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The same mainstream media that complained about Fox News host Sean Hannity briefly participating in President Donald Trump’s midterm rally Monday seem unfazed by MSNBC host Rachel Maddow seemingly organizing mass protests against President Donald Trump.

Following Attorney Session Jeff Sessions’ unexpected ouster Wednesday afternoon, Maddow used her MSNBC show’s official Twitter account to promote mass protests/marches against the president being sponsored by the left-wing activist group Indivisible.org.

“It’s happening. This is the ‘Break Glass in Case of Emergency’ plan to protect the Mueller investigation,” she wrote, referencing unfounded concerns that Sessions’ replacement might seek to restrict special counselor Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian collusion.

“5pm (local time) protests tomorrow/Thursday Nov 8. We knew this would happen at some point — the day has arrived,” her seemingly unethical tweet read.


Maddow responded to concerns about her tweet by telling Grabien that she was “reporting” on the marches, not encouraging participation. The evidence suggests otherwise.

Her colleague Matt Miller was even more blatant in his calls for marches.

“I think for people in Congress, they need to step up and object to this. I think people — the broad public, this is the time to maybe take to the streets and say this is not what you expect out of the Government,” he said Wednesday afternoon about Sessions’ ouster.

“I have a message for people at the Justice Department. There are a number of senior political appointees at the Justice Department. Republican appointees who believe in the rule of law and believe in this investigation, believe in what Bob Mueller and Rosenstein has done.”

Just to be clear, there’s no indication whatsoever that Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker intends to target Mueller in any way, shape or form.

Listen to Miller’s hyperbolic complaints below:


Is there anything wrong with them promoting the marches? It depends. Much like Hannity, Maddow also identifies as a political commentator. But Miller does not. On Twitter he lists himself as a “MSNBC Justice & Security Analyst.” Most would argue analysts shouldn’t be promoting marches.

Maddow later denied that she was ‘organizing’  the protests…She was simply “reporting.”


Conservative journalist and commentator Katie Hopkins raised some good points. Along with the media’s undeniable selective outrage on many issues, Hopkins suspected these protests were long in the making:


Plus, there seems to be a double standard at play, as noted by many on social media:

Here’s a sample of the left-wing media’s reaction to Hannity’s participation in Trump’s rally:

There have been no such reports or complaints about Maddow’s behavior. Why is that?

Vivek Saxena


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