James Mattis goes off on synagogue shooting suspect

Peter Hasson, DCNF

Secretary of Defense James Mattis on Sunday condemned the person accused of killing 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue, calling him a “coward” and not a real man.

The suspect, identified as Robert Bowers, reportedly yelled “All Jews must die!” during the shooting.

“This individual — I won’t even call him a man — he’s the poorest excuse for a man you could ever come up with,” Mattis said, according to the Military Times.

“Who would use a weapon in a house of worship, on unarmed innocent people and even shoot four policemen, then surrender himself? This is a coward,” Mattis added. “He is not a man by any definition that we use in the Department of Defense.”

Mattis, a retired Marine general, is known for his colorful quotes.

When asked during one 2017 interview what keeps him awake at night, he replied, “Nothing. I keep other people awake at night.”


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