Hannity rips ‘CNN’s fake news President Jeff Zucker’ for bashing Trump on ‘bombs’ before facts are in

Sean Hannity unloaded in a lengthy monologue about this week’s spate of bomb scares and blasted CNN president Jeff Zucker for blaming President Donald Trump‘s rhetoric.

In a long and detailed monologue on “Hannity” Wednesday, the Fox News host focused on the importance of civility and how the political climate that has led to pipe bombs being sent to prominent Democrats days before an election have to be condemned by all sides.

“You have heard me say over and over and over on the show, but I will repeat it one more time, violence, threats, intimidation, has no place in politics, no place in this country and what we saw today was the work of full evil,” Hannity began, discussing the attempted bombings of left-wing billionaire George Soros, former President Barack Hussein Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder, former CIA Director John O. Brennan, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Rep. Maxine Waters.

“I feel terrible for anybody who was threatened today. It’s wrong, period. I have had many, many threats myself over the years. I’ve had white powder sent to my office,” Hannity continued. “My heart goes out to anyone ever threatened. Anybody today, anybody tonight. No conservative that I know would support this horrible act no matter how strongly you disagree with some of these beliefs. Everybody in this country deserves safety and security. I’ve said that throughout my career.”

He condemned the rush to judgement in order to “score cheap political points,” especially before the facts are all in.

“Despite not knowing who was responsible for these mail bombs today, we had so many people rushing to judgment, the media, the left, the Democrats, all trying to score cheap political points and a political victory on this. All day as the story was unfolding they have no facts, immediately assigning blame to their political rivals, especially President Trump,” he said.

Hannity singled out some who are guilty of this tactic, including “CNN’s fake news president Jeff Zucker” who blamed the president for the attacks.

“Even when they lie? You’re not allowed to call out lies?” Hannity asked. “Blaming the president for an act of violence from an unknown perpetrator seems beyond shameful that a network that claims to put facts first and the anti-trauma vitriol continue every minute, every hour, every second of the entire day.”

While Trump condemned the attacks as “despicable” in a statement on Wednesday, Democrats quickly jumped on the president’s call for unity with more rhetoric causing division. In a joint statement on Wednesday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi declared that Trump’s “words ring hollow,” demanding the president retract previous statements that purportedly condoned violence.

“What you just saw it as a sad pathetic double standard in the Democratic Party. This is what I call phony selective moral outrage. We see it over and over again. So quick to call for unity when Democrats are targeted but when Republicans are threatened, as they have been for weeks and weeks, they’ve been silent,” Hannity continued.

He reiterated again how “we solve our differences at the ballot box.”

“The survival of our constitutional republic depends on law and order,” the Fox News host concluded. “Okay, I’m all for civility. I really don’t mind a good verbal debate with people. And I don’t care if people call me names. No matter what the differences are but we need to watch how bad this has gotten before somebody gets seriously hurt or worse.”

“I pray that doesn’t happen,” he added.

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