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Former FBI agent jabs Comey, explains how Bureau can conduct Kavanaugh probe in under a week

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Nick Givas, DCNF

Former special agent Chris Swecker said the FBI should be able to conduct a thorough investigation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in under one week, despite former FBI Director James Comey’s claims to the contrary.

“I don’t think [Comey] was around long enough to really understand what the FBI’s capabilities are,” Swecker said on “Fox & Friends” Monday.

When they declare a special [sic], they have the resources, they have the agents to get the job done,” he continued. 

Comey claimed the one-week time limit is a ploy by Republicans in a New York Times op-ed Sunday and accused them of trying to wrap things up quickly to stifle the discovery of incriminating evidence.

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“If the truth were the only goal there would be no clock,” he wrote. “Instead, it seems the Republican goal is to be able to say there was an investigation and it didn’t change their view.”

Swecker said when the FBI is given a deadline they meet it with fervor and vigor, but claimed the investigation will be a difficult one.

“If they’re told to get it done within a certain time frame, they will do it,” he said. “I will say that they have been prejudiced by the fact that all of these witnesses have already been stepped on or questioned by reporters.” 

“Important details have been embedded in questions by amateur interviewers. So testing their memory is going to be a little bit difficult,” Swecker concluded. “Agents will make them narrate the facts, not give them the facts in the question.” 

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