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Brett Kavanaugh’s wife is a class act who just graciously put the stalking media to shame

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Amid all that Brett Kavanaugh has been subjected to in his nomination to the US Supreme Court, a small gesture by his wife has silenced critics with its class.

As the press besieged the Kavanaugh home, ready to pounce on any move by the nominee, his wife Ashley Estes Kavanaugh made it clear her family was not intimidated and would rise above the circus atmosphere.

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

CBS News reporter Kathryn Watson revealed the hospitality that was displayed by the judge’s wife as she handed out cupcakes from Sprinkles, an iconic cupcake shop first founded in Beverly Hills, California.

As attacks against Kavanaugh have devolved into labeling him everything from a racist to a misogynist, his wife’s generosity is a striking lesson for their daughters, 10-year-old Elizabeth and 13-year-old Margaret. As accusations are hurled at their father daily, and allegations of sexual misconduct from nearly four decades ago have been leveled against him, Kavanaugh can be proud of the dignity his wife brought to an otherwise hostile environment outside the family’s front door.

Many applauded the gesture and Kavanaugh’s wife as a “class act.”

But Watson’s tweet triggered a backlash as Twitter users demanded to know why the media was parked outside of the Kavanaugh home.

“Why are you at his house?” PJ Media’s Sean Medlock, under the pseudonym Jim Treacher, tweeted, launching a debate.

And while the media stakeout has not afforded the bombshell that reporters think they are going to land, it hasn’t stopped them

The only question for many on Twitter was whether or not the so-called unbiased press was also stalking others in the Kavanaugh story.

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