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Journalist connects illegal immigrant abortion case to accusations against Kavanaugh

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Grace Carr, DCNF

Journalist Lauren Duca sent out a Monday tweet seeking to draw a parallel between Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s ruling in an illegal immigrant abortion court case with the responsibility she alleges he should assume for unverified accusations that he assaulted a woman when they were both minors.

Duca’s tweet refers to Kavanaugh’s role in Garza v. Hargan wherein an illegal immigrant, Jane Doe, sought to abort her unborn baby. After multiple rulings by the state and federal appeals court, Kavanaugh dissented from a final ruling allowing the government to transport Doe to an abortion facility for the procedure.

Kavanaugh did not refer to Doe’s responsibility to bear the burden of her actions as a minor in his dissent, but instead conceded that while an illegal immigrant minor has 14th Amendment due process rights, she has no right to “abortion on demand.”

Duca’s tweet comes after allegations that Kavanaugh tried to force himself on fellow high schooler Christine Blasey Ford when they were both minors. Ford now alleges that she “thought he might inadvertently kill me,” according to The Washington Post. “He was trying to attack me and remove my clothing.”

The allegations were first reported by The New Yorker Friday. Neither the woman’s name nor the crime were reported until Sunday. Reports also indicate that multiple media outlets possessed this information as early as July but did not release the information until California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein sent a letter to the FBI about the allegations on Sept. 13.

Both Kavanaugh and the White House reject all allegations of misconduct.

Duca responded to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment with some choice words.

This post was updated with a comment from Duca. 

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