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Staffers eject handful of mocking stage-crashers at Trump rally; ‘plaid shirt guy’ rises as Left’s new hero

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A couple bad-mannered liberals became overnight heroes to the disrespectful left this week after they behaved rudely during President Donald Trump’s rally Thursday in Billings, Montana.

High school senior Tyler Linfesty, earned the left’s admiration for the exaggerated facial expressions he made while standing almost directly behind the president. He claims to have contorted his face repeatedly “to be genuine.”

“I knew that I was going to be genuine. I was going to give my actual reactions to the things he said. So whenever I disagreed with him, you could tell that I disagreed. But whenever I agreed with him, I clapped as well,” he said to CNN.

That would make sense, except that footage from the rally shows him making faces and laughing as the president rightly notes that “our country’s thriving, jobs are booming, prosperity is soaring.” It’s unclear what about these indisputable facts Linfesty found amusing.

The kid is now being hailed as “plaid shirt guy” on Twitter.

This from the same class of geniuses who think unemployed NFL star Colin Kaepernick has undergone real “sacrifices” in his otherwise privileged, spoiled life.

Another one of the rally-goers used an American flag draped over her shoulders to wipe her nose, while two others — a couple that’s reportedly friends with Linfesty — watched the rally with the most disinterested eyes in rally history.

Linfesty was eventually asked to leave, while several Trump staffers were sent to stand in front of and block the other three jerks from appearing on camera. The couple wound up leaving along with their face-making buddy.

Speaking afterward with CNN, Linfesty revealed that he’s a supporter of the Democratic Socialists of America. That definitely explains his lack of respect for facts. He also complained about staffers asking rally attendees to act enthusiastically.

“I think I know why they removed me. It’s because, well before the rally they told us that ‘you have to be enthusiastic, you have to be clapping, you have to be cheering for Donald Trump,’ and I wasn’t doing that,” he explained.

Many of his newfound Twitter groupies think there’s something wrong with asking attendees of a political rally to be supportive of the rally’s speaker. In their opinion, this makes political rallies fake:

Nobody is forced to clap at a Trump rally. They are however expected to not behave disrespectfully, especially if they’re fortunate enough to stand right behind the president. This is basic common sense.

Vivek Saxena


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