Pastor at Aretha Franklin funeral delivers fiery anti-Black Lives Matter eulogy

Liberals who spent an entire week exploiting John McCain’s funeral to trash President Trump are suddenly furious that a pastor used his eulogy at Aretha Franklin’s funeral to deliver a politically-charged message urging black America to stop killing each other.

Reverend Jasper Williams Jr. defended his sermon, saying he felt the eulogy was appropriate because other speakers used the pulpit to make their own political statements to attack President Trump. Aretha’s nephew called the eulogy “very, very distasteful.”


Rev. Williams doubled-down on his sermon, saying he regrets if Aretha Franklin’s family or fans were offended, but he refuses to back down from his statements. “I understand it, I regret it,” Williams told the AP. “I’m sorry they feel that way.”

During the sermon, Reverend Williams said black lives will never matter unless black Americans stem the alarming epidemic of black-on-black murders. Williams also decried the marginalization of black men, who have been replaced by the government in the form of welfare.

”Black America has lost its soul,” Williams said. “The one thing that Black America needs more than anything else is to come back home to God. We’ve lost our soul.”

“As I look in your house, there are no fathers in the home no more. Seventy percent of our households run by our precious, proud, fine black women. But as proud, beautiful and fine as our black women are…one thing a black woman cannot do is raise a black boy to be a man!”

This part where Rev. Jasper Williams jabbed at the militant Black Lives Matter movement (which blames whites for everything and turns a blind eye to black-on-black murders) infuriated liberals:

“Do black lives matter? Let me answer like this:

Black lives do not matter,
Black lives will not matter,
Black lives ought not matter,
Black lives should not matter,
Black lives must not matter…

Until black people start respecting black lives and stop killing ourselves.”

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke blamed the “growth of the welfare state” for the surge in crimes in the black community and the erosion of the black family unit, as BizPac Review previously reported.

Clarke said the left’s promotion of government dependence and a victim mentality has marginalized the role of black men, which has had a devastating impact on the African-American community:

“I look at the progressive policies that have marginalized black dads. They push them to the side and said, ‘You’re not needed. Uncle Sam is going to be the dad. He’s going to provide for the kids.

But Uncle Sam has been a horrible father. Uncle Sam does not like the kids. He keeps a little food in their mouths and that’s about it. We all know the importance of an intact family, what it can do to shape the behavior of kids.”

Sheriff Clarke said poverty and crime will continue to skyrocket in the inner city until the Left stops emasculating black men by urging black women to depend on the government for everything.

thomas sowell welfare

“These progressive policies have hit the black community like a nuclear blast,” Sheriff Clarke said. “This government dependency — that is what creates all of this and encourages it.”

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