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Video of Ocasio-Cortez weaponizing young children to help her ‘kick Trump out’ is all kinds of wrong

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Proud socialist congressional nominee Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is apparently so desperate to beat GOP nominee Anthony Pappas in New York’s upcoming 14th Congressional District election that she’s taken to haranguing children — yes children — to drum up votes.

What’s so ironic about this is that she herself obliviously shared the evidence of her desperation in a video she posted to Twitter Saturday.


“I’m the Democratic nominee out here for Congress so I’m going to go to D.C., and we’re going to be fighting Trump,” she says in the video above to a group of children in Corona, Queens, eliciting raucous applause from them.

“This is what we need to do: when you go back home, you talk to your mom, your dad, your aunt, grandma, sisters, anybody over the age of 18 that can vote — first you need to ask your parents to vote because if they don’t vote, then we can’t kick out Trump.”

There were a couple aspects of the clip that social media viewers disliked, starting with the children’s innate dislike of President Donald Trump. What could children that young possibly know about the president, save for whatever leftist talking points that had been regurgitated to them by their parents?

Second, many felt as if Ocasio-Cortez was exploiting/using/abusing the children. They argued that the kids should have been playing, not being harassed by a politician to go out and harass others into voting for her.

Observe some of social media’s reaction to her video below:


The last tweet was both hilarious and true. Ocasio-Cortez does seem to possess a rather childlike mentality, particularly in regards to what she knows about economics, government, taxes, etc. Just like a child, she knows practically nothing.

Instead of bothering children, she should perhaps open up some books and read them, starting with books about the countries her beloved socialism has destroyed, including Venezuela.

Vivek Saxena


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