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NBC does back-to-back Trump approval polls after ‘skeptical’ results, Chuck Todd forced to report…no change

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Despite what the media throws at President Trump there are two words to describe his base … rock solid.

After not seeing the results they wanted over at NBC, the network launched a second approval poll for President Trump immediately following the Manafort/Cohen bombshells only to discover the numbers barely moved.


“What effect did Michael Cohen’s guilty plea and Paul Manafort’s convictions have on President Trump’s approval rating?” Chuck Todd rhetorically asked before delivering the (hilarious) answer.

“The two stories had many asking if this was more than even President Trump supporters could bear,” he said.

“And the answer so far seems to be — no.” Todd said citing a second NBC/Wall St. Journal poll.

Todd showed clips of the polls that were taken days apart, during and after the so-called “bombshells” were breaking.

NBC/Wall St. Journal’s Poll during and after Cohen/Manafort ‘bombshells.’

After the first poll ran from Aug. 18 to Aug. 22 and came back with ‘record high’ approval, Todd said they ran a second poll from Wednesday through Saturday, “because we knew some of you might be skeptical of the results.”

After reporting that the numbers hardly moved, Todd described what’s glaringly obvious to any working-class chump in flyover country with a growing bank account…

“For the 2018 Democratic strategy the Manafort and Cohen’s convictions represent a Fool’s Gold opportunity rather than a Silver Bullet solution,” he said.

Ah, but the “good” news…

“By the way, in our poll, Democrats still hold a very big lead for control of Congress,” a noticeably more “perky” Todd reported on an eight point advantage.

The poll’s findings mirror a CNN segment that asked folks in blue-collar America about the Manafort/Cohen reports. Whether they were Democrats, Republicans or Independents, none seemed concerned in the slightest.

They were, however, all happy about the booming economy.




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