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Law professor worries GoFundMe allows people like Cohen to ‘get paid’ for changing his testimony

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DCNFNick Givas, DCNF

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley criticized GoFundMe on “Fox & Friends” Monday and said the website is allowing people to purchase legal testimony.

“It’s a strange evolution of the role of this site,” Turley said. “GoFundMe has become a site where can you essentially purchase testimony that people go out there and they really ramp up their expected testimony.”

Turley said Michael Cohen wasn’t able to raise money while he was still loyal to the president, but the moment he turned on Trump a “weird type of auction” began.

“What happens, people like Michael Cohen couldn’t get a dime from anyone on the street when he was still saying he would take a bullet for the president,” Turley continued.

“Suddenly he started a promise that he could bag the president, and they rolled out a GoFundMe site, and he got hundreds of thousands of dollars. And so we have this weird type of auction among potential witnesses, both pro and anti-Trump, for people to essentially contribute to their testimony.”

Turley said the new nature of GoFundMe disturbs him and said the arrangement could cause people to change their testimony based on monetary gain.

“It’s a little unnerving for an attorney, because people could actually change their testimony to give them more of a market position,” he concluded. “And for Michael Cohen, he’s tried to position himself as far as he can on the anti-Trump site and it has paid off. It has sold like hot cakes. People have gone to GoFundMe and said ‘I like that stuff,’ and they’ve given him a lot of money.”

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