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Neighbors call police on mom for letting 8-year-old girl walk the dog. Moms debate over what happened.

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A Chicago mother, Corey Widen, suffered the consequences of having a nosy neighbor when she allowed her 8-year-old daughter, Dorothy, take their family dog on a walk by herself around the block.  “Mrs. Kravitz” called the cops!

“My daughter was in shock,” Widen said to the Chicago Sun-Times, describing the moment when, following her daughter’s walk with the family dog, Dorothy answered the front door bell expecting her  play date, but instead came face to face with a cop. “She had nightmares all night. She thought she was being taken away. She thought she was in a lot of trouble.”

Listen to Widen and her daughter speaking with ABC News below:

“She cried for an hour and now refuses to go outside with her dog. I told her she did nothing wrong — but she said she must have or someone would not have called the police on her,” Widen wrote in a Facebook post on the day the cops were called.

What irked her the most was that the neighbor didn’t speak with her first instead of rushing to the cops.

“An act of concern would have been; asking my daughter is she ok, knocking on my door and expressing genuine concern, or an offer of help, or writing a note, or simply ASK HER AGE,’ she wrote. “This was deliberately intended to intimidate and mom shame me. But who actually was hurt was an innocent little girl.”

Her Facebook post may be seen below:

Apparently upset at the cops’ refusal to do anything about a mother letting her daughter walk their dog, the anonymous neighbor then contacted the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, which subsequently opened an investigation into the family.

While the investigation was eventually closed due to a lack of evidence of any wrongdoing, it’s appalling that someone would go this far after the cops had already determined that nothing was amiss.

“You can’t blame the police — you get a call about an endangered kid, you have to go take a look. Nor DCFS — investigating reports of neglected kids is what they do. You do have to wonder about that neighbor, though. It seems to reflect more malice than concern,” the Sun-Times noted.

Widen agreed, saying, “This is part of fear-based, mom-shaming culture we live in.”

It might just be a part of the overall shaming culture thriving in America right now. Almost every week someone else is shamed for saying something or doing something that others find offensive in some way, shape or form.

At the same time, there were genuine concerns, in reaction to this story, about how young is too young to let a child walk alone in this day and age. Consider stories like the murder of Mollie Tibbetts, who was a grown young woman when she was murdered last month, allegedly by an illegal immigrant. The abduction of children is sadly a very real thing.

Parents have the right and the ultimate responsibility to keep their kids safe. Watch a panel of moms discuss it on the Fox News channel:

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