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Al Sharpton accuses GOP of stacking the deck to rush Kavanaugh in, knowing ‘he’s a bad candidate’

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DCNFNick Givas, DCNF

MSNBC’s Al Sharpton accused Republicans of trying to stack the deck in favor of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, while filling in as host on “AM Joy” Sunday.

Sharpton said the GOP is trying to rush through Kavanaugh’s nomination and isn’t performing a thorough review of his background and past political positions.

“The partisanship hardening to the point of — you’re talking about seating someone to the Supreme Court that you have not done a thorough review of the record,” he said. “One of the concerns have been that the Democrats don’t have the votes and they’re not even raising the fact that they’re rushing this through without a thorough looking of the record. I’m talking about the Republicans here.”

Sharpton claimed Republicans are trying to sneak Kavanaugh in before the balance of power in Congress changes in November and accused them of stacking the deck to satisfy their agenda.

“I think part of it is they fear if this goes after the midterm elections, they may not have the majority of the Senate to really put him in,” he continued. “Which is really saying, ‘We know we have a bad candidate, but therefore, we’ve got to go with a stacked deck in order to put this through.’ And that in itself ought to be appalling when we’re talking about a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court.”

“There’s nothing to do with the given party or the seasons that we may be living in, in terms of who’s up and who’s down politically,” Sharpton concluded.

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