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Trump’s new task force on Iran resembles Reagan-style leadership; US reasserts itself as alpha

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced a new task force on Iran last week that will focus on the threat posed by the state sponsor of terrorism.

“We are committed to a whole-of-government effort to change the Iranian regime’s behavior, and the Iran Action Group will ensure that the Department of State remains closely synchronized with our interagency partners,” Pompeo told reporters at the State Department.

U.S. Army Brigadier Gen. Anthony Tata (Ret.) said in an appearance on Fox News that Pompeo and the Trump administration are taking the correct approach in the wake of President Donald Trump withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal.

“When you think about it, there are about four major elements of national power that this administration has shown to be more adept at leveraging than any in recent history, and that’s diplomatic, information, military and economic,” Tata explained.

He added that Secretary Pompeo is “really pushing hard on the diplomatic piece,” as opposed to “leading with the chin of the American serviceman or woman.”

The retired general pointed out that the deal brokered by former President Barack Obama did not address Iran’s actions as a state sponsor of terrorism, which Trump’s now trying to correct as part of a new deal.

Tata called the Obama nuclear deal a bad deal, saying Trump is right in not wanting to re-engage in that deal, as Iran is pushing for.

He said the imploding economy and bubbling revolution in the Persian Gulf country will force Iran to enter into new talks, adding that this won’t be covered by the media because it “supports President Trump’s actions.”

“All collective security arrangements require one sort of alpha to lead it,” Tata said. “And President Trump and the United States now is reasserting itself on the national stage.”

“We had eight years of a philosophy that a weaker America makes for a stronger world — lead from behind and that kind of thing — and now we’re resetting that and we’ve got President Trump and the Unites States leading from the front and people are having to adapt to that and get used to that again, sort of like we did with President Reagan.”

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