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Nancy Pelosi calls Mitch McConnell racist for opposing Obama but supports stonewalling Trump

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dcnf-2-1Nick Givas, DCNF

Democratic House minority leader Nancy Pelosi called Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell racist for opposing Barack Obama’s policies when he was president.

Pelosi said the GOP’s treatment of Barack Obama was “unthinkable,” despite her own attitude of resistance and anger towards President Donald Trump.

“We’re going backward, and the president with all of his statements is the master of the dog whistle. Everything he has done, whether it’s taking babies out of the arms of their moms, whether it’s issues that relate to health care in our country,” Pelosi said on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” Sunday.

“His whole thing is make America white again,” she added. “That’s his thing.”

Pelosi then accused McConnell of acting racist and praised Democrats for reaching across the aisle, to work with George W. Bush.

“Let me remind you that when the Republicans took power when President Obama was president of the United States, what Mitch McConnell said is the most important thing we can do is to make sure he does not succeed,” she said.

“If that wasn’t a racist statement — That is unthinkable. We worked with President Bush although we had our differences. You don’t make a statement to make sure the president doesn’t succeed. Why did he say that? Why did he say that,” Pelosi concluded. “So I think that when you ask that question, you’re attribute ago higher set of values to the speaker and to leader McConnell than is worthy of their actions.”

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