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Geraldo sides with Ocasio-Cortez, accuses Ben Shapiro of ‘stalking’ the democratic socialist

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Leave it to Geraldo Rivera to reduce conservative commentator Ben Shapiro trying to hold the future of the Democratic Party, New York congressional nominee Alexander Ocasio-Cortez accountable for questionable comments to little more than “stalking.”

“Who appointed @benshapiro arbiter of righteousness,” Rivera tweeted in response to a Fox News Insider story. “Stop stalking #AlexandriaOcasioCortez.

Rivera’s natural affinity for anyone who shares the same shade of skin as him could factor in his display of chivalry.

Surely, it can’t be because Ocasio-Cortez is a self-described democratic socialist, can it?

Shapiro offered to debate the socialist former bartender for $10,000, but she played the sexism card in replying — a common occurrence with Ocasio-Cortez — comparing his offer to “catcalling.”

The thing is, given Ocasio-Cortez’s record of endorsing other candidates, Shapiro is better off letting her operate without so much scrutiny.

Even though she has yet to be elected to office — a fair certainty — Ocasio-Cortez has been using her celebrity status in the party to travel the country and stump for other Democrats. Three out of five candidates she backed lost in Tuesday’s election.

The last lucky recipient of her stamp of approval, a fellow democratic socialist from Hawaii, Kaniela Ing, drew a miserable 6% in Saturday’s Democrat primary.

Back to Geraldo Rivera, social media users have little patience for him when he takes off-the-wall stances on issues.

Given the way he is eviscerated online, one might think that Rivera would be more selective about what he decides to wade into.

Here’s a sampling of responses to defense of Ocasio-Cortez from Twitter:

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