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Candace Owens to Cory Booker: There’s nothing ‘savagely wrong’ about disagreeing with Democrats

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After New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker whined this week about things in America allegedly being “savagely wrong” right now because of President Donald Trump’s otherwise successful presidency, conservative commentator Candace Owens dropped a truth bomb on him.

“There’s nothing savagely wrong about disagreeing with the Democrats,” she said during an appearance Saturday morning on Fox News. “In fact, there’s something that’s indisputably right about understanding that they have a platform of government dependency. And it’s best for everyone to move away from that platform.”

Owens’ clever response took Booker’s own words and turned them around on him. While speaking Friday at the Netroots Nation conference in New Orleans, the New Jersey senator had acted is if America has descended into some abyss of pain and suffering because of Trump.

“We say an oath that we are a nation of liberty and justice for all, but that’s just words,” he said. “It’s a civic faith, but I’m one of these people that says before you tell me about your religion, first show it to me in how you treat other people.”

Trump has shown it by boosting the economy, reaching out to the black community and upholding religious liberty.

“Well, how are we living our civic gospel? How are we living our civic gospel that demands for us to reject the normalcy of injustice, the normalcy of apathy, the normalcy of indifference, and rise to the higher ground of activism, of engagement of love?” Booker continued bloviating.

“I’m a big believer that if America, if this country hasn’t broken your heart, then you don’t love her enough. Because there’s things that are savagely wrong in this country. There’s a normalcy of injustice that we’ve accepted. And I tell you, Newark has gifted me a wisdom that can only come from moons, a sense of purpose that can only come from shared pain.”

Here’s a translation: Someone whose political ideology I disagree with won the presidential election two years ago, and now he’s ruining the country by moving forward with the very agenda that he’d promised voters he’d implement.

His rant seemed based on little more than his feelings. As noted by Owens during her appearance on Fox, support for Trump is rising exponentially, particularly among blacks.

“I travel six days a week, all across the country, and I’m hearing everyone’s story, and they’re just tired,” she said Saturday.

“They’ve grown tired of the Democrat lies. They’ve grown tired of the Democrats telling them at every turn, ‘Everything is racist.’ And at long last, we are waking up, and we are saying that there’s so much to be gained from changing the way we think and escaping these mental chains.”

Exactly. But instead of also waking up, the Democrats keep doubling down. The evidence of it lies in Booker’s own words. According to him, there’s something “savagely wrong” with seeing black unemployment drop to a record low, with seeing Americans enjoying higher wages, with seeing a reduction in North Korean aggression, etc.

Some would argue that if there’s anything truly “savagely wrong” in America, it’s the mindset of Democrats like Cory Booker. And well, judging by the senator’s rhetoric, it’s hard to not see why people would say that.

Vivek Saxena


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