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Tucker makes on-air plea to GOP to release unredacted FISA warrant: ‘No excuse…immunity awaits them’

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson urged GOP lawmakers to release the unredacted FISA warrant applications that were used to spy on the 2016 Trump campaign and read it on the floor of the House of Representatives so the American public will finally know what Democrats are hiding.

Carlson pointed out that Democratic Congresswoman Dianne Feinstein had unilaterally released the CIA Torture Report in 2014 — with impunity — to sway public opinion on the use of waterboarding to interrogate radical Islamic terrorists.


Carlson made his plea shortly after interviewing Republican congressman Devin Nunes, the chairman of House Intelligence Committee. Nunes has seen all the unredacted FISA warrant applications, and said there is nothing in them that threatens national security, as Democrats disingenuously claim.

Congressman Nunes said Democrats adamantly refuse to release the unredacted FISA warrants to the public because he says they will reveal how bogus and corrupt the applications were in the first place. The FISA applications were used to launch the fruitless Trump-Russia collusion investigation, which has produced no evidence of collusion after more than a year.

“We spoke to the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee a minute ago,” Tucker said. “Devin Nunes of California is an honorable person. He has read the whole text of the application for the FISA warrants by the government that the Obama administration [used] to spy on Carter Page and the Trump campaign.”

Carlson continued: “He said the parts that have been redacted do not in any way threaten American national security. It’s merely butt-covering on the part of the bureaucracy. We asked the obvious question, which is, ‘Why don’t you just tell us what’s in it and let the public decide?'”

This is how the redacted FISA applications were released.
This is how the redacted FISA applications were released. You can’t see anything.

Nunes had suggested that he was not authorized to release the information and could be punished for doing so (see video below).

Carlson said he received a text message immediately after interviewing Nunes, where the sender noted that no punishment will await Nunes or any other Republican lawmaker for releasing the unredacted FISA applications.

Nunes has been a staunch champion in exposing the deep corruption of the Robert Mueller investigation and the Obama administration’s illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign, so there’s no suggestion that he’s doing anything wrong.

“Can you imagine the field day they would have against me or if any other Republicans talked about what is now classified information?” Nunes asked.

Carlson retorted: “Who cares?! You have journalists arguing on behalf of holding information back. That’s insane!”


After the Nunes interview wrapped, Tucker said:

“In the commercial break I got an interesting text…from a very informed person in Washington. And I’m quoting, ‘Dianne Feinstein entered the CIA Torture Memos into the record of the Senate and was protected by the speech and debate clause. Any Republican with access to the FISA warrant could do the same. Complete immunity awaits them.”

Carlson then made one more plea to GOP lawmakers to let the American public know how corrupt and bogus the foundation of Mueller’s “Trump-Russia collusion” investigation really is.

“I will say one more time: If you know what’s in the redacted portions of that application, please send it to us,” Carlson pleaded on-camera. “The public has a right to know. There’s no excuse for withholding that.”

In addition to unilaterally leaked the CIA torture memos in 2014, Dianne Feinstein recently made headlines after unilaterally releasing the testimony of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson before the Senate Judiciary Committee without telling the committee’s Republican chairman Chuck Grassley.

As BizPac Review previously reported, Feinstein, 85, said she had inadvertently leaked the intel because of her mental facilities were “slowed-down.”  As the adage goes: Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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