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NBC News’ Chuck Todd gets panties wadded over reporter Trump called on at presser

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Just days after media outlets linked arms in solidarity to denounce the banning of a CNN White House correspondent, NBC News’ Chuck Todd slammed The Daily Caller as a “troll farm.”

The Political Director for NBC News stepped in to defend NBC reporter Ken Dilanian after he was called out on Twitter for complaining that President Trump called on Daily Caller reporter Saagar Enjeti during a press conference Monday.

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Dilanian had tweeted about the “pet media” and followed up with what he deemed an example of the president’s preferential treatment of news outlets because he “actually called on the Daily Caller.”

Todd backed him up a few hours later, and was also called out when someone highlighted his “double standards.”

Todd’s reply raised plenty of eyebrows on Twitter.

One Twitter user took a trip down the “solidarity” memory lane, recalling last week’s incident when  CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins was disinvited from a Rose Garden event after she refused to leave the Oval Office when the press pool was being escorted out.

Todd was also schooled on Collins’ background as a Daily Caller alumnus.

The slam of the conservative news outlet came just one week after Dilanian was scolded by MSNBC’s Katy Tur for referring to Fox News and The Daily Caller as journalists: “Don’t use that term,” she told him.

Todd’s “elitist attitude” was blasted on Twitter after users raked him and his cohorts over the coals for their bias. It seems viewers have no problem distinguishing between real news and “troll farms” like The Daily Caller thanks to experts like Todd.

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