Burger King drops painfully liberal ad protesting ‘pink tax’ via ‘Chick Fries.’ Yeah, it’s gonna cost them.

Burger King used to be one of a few remaining franchises that refused to involve itself in politics. Instead it simply served its customers burgers and fries.

That all changed in January when the 65-year-old hamburger chain released a stupendously inane advertisement warning its customers of the alleged risks inherent in the Trump administration’s otherwise sensible push to repeal Net Neutrality.

The ad was pure nonsense, and so is a new ad released last week that spouts Democrat talking points about the non-existent “Pink Tax.”

Watch the silly ad below:

The ad shows women customers being forced to pay extra for chicken fries because their “Chick Fries” — versus their boyfriend or husband’s regular chicken fries — have been encased in a fancy pink box.

The goal of the ad is to misinform Americans about the so-called “Pink Tax,” which the left-wing news purveyor Bustle describes as a “term for price hikes on products marketed toward women, the packaging of which is often pink.”

“Everything from razors to deodorant to other non-gender specific self-care items are included in the list of products women consistently pay more for,” Bustle argued.

The belief by the grossly misled leftist radicals at Bustle and now Burger King, apparently, is that women pay more for certain products because of discrimination. That’s a lie.

Several Twitter users tried to explain why to Burger King:

As one member of the Independent Women’s Forum explained in a blog post two years ago, “Men and women are different. Our preferences are different, and our needs are different, too.”

“My husband can get away with a dab of shampoo, sure, but I have longer hair than him and will go through my Herbal Essences bottles faster than he’ll get through his Pantene Classic Clean Two-in-One. (Two-in-one? Not for me!)”

Other factors also affect prices, including emotional appeal and brand appeal. But Burger King wasn’t trying to hear any of this, just like it hadn’t been in the mood to hear any of the wisdom its customers tried to impart earlier this year about the repeal of Net Neutrality.

And now, thanks to the chain’s refusal to listen and learn, it appears it’s about to pay a big price revenue-wise:

The tweet by “Night Birds” nailed it. Why grab burger and fries from a hamburger chain that wants to lecture you with leftist lies when you can grab the same thing from Chick-fil-A, a chain that just wants to serve you some delicious grub?

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Vivek Saxena


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