Serious questions about Obama admin knowingly transferring taxpayer funds to listed terror financing organization

According to a stunning report published Wednesday by a conservative think tank and subsequently ignored by the entire left-wing media, the administration of former President Barack Hussein Obama once knowingly funneled taxpayer funds to an affiliate of al-Qaeda in Sudan.

The Middle East Forum reported that this transfer of funds from the Obama administration occurred despite the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control having previously designated the affiliate “a terror-financing organization.”

The affiliate was the the Islamic Relief Agency, also known as the Islamic African Relief Agency. The government designated it a terrorist organization in 2004 after it was discovered to be linked to now-deceased terrorist Osama bin Laden.

Six years later both an executive director of the organization’s U.S. branch and a top board member pled guilty to a slew of charges related to the illegal transfer of $1.2 million to several terror groups, thus proving the ISRA certainly deserved its terror designation.

And yet in 2014 the U.S. Agency for International Development awarded a $723,405 grant to World Vision Inc., a humanitarian organization, despite knowing full well that $200,000 of that money was to be directed to the ISRA.

Months later in May of the following year — and after discussions between USAID officials and World Vision Inc. specifically about ISRA’s terror designation, which the humanitarian aid organization took issue with — the Obama administration went ahead and authorized a payment of $125,000 to ISRA.

World Vision Inc. owed ISRA money and had been facing threats of legal retaliation for non-payment. In fact, a Sudanese paper reported on February 22 of 2015 that the nation’s political leaders were looking to expel the organization from their country because of the non-payment.

It appears that because of this — because of World Vision Inc.’s own foolhardy decision to associate with a designated terror group and eventually become indebted to the group — the Obama administration eventually buckled, allowing the organization place the American taxpayers’ money into the hands of veritable terrorists.

Given what happened, the Middle East Forum argued that Congress must both investigate this stunning transaction and also dig deep into the Obama administration’s records to determine whether any other similar transactions were carried out.

“Congress must investigate this question and, more broadly, where USAID is sending taxpayers’ money, for ISRA might not be the only example,” the forum concluded.

As of Monday morning, not a single mainstream media outlet — excluding Fox News, of course — had covered this astounding story.

Vivek Saxena


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