Kimberly Guilfoyle makes split with Fox News official, and doesn’t waste a minute hitting the campaign trail

The news that Kimberly Guilfoyle would be leaving Fox News Channel broke last week and had plenty of folks from both sides of the political aisle speculating on the details.

Guilfoyle’s departure with FNC is garnering a lot of attention due to her budding romance with the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr.

While Guilfoyle didn’t give many more details on the split with Fox, she did say that she had decided to leave Fox News to take on the job as Vice Chairwoman of America First and hit the campaign trail in support of President Trump.

Fans reacted by saying she’s be missed at Fox, but her hard-hitting conservative spirit would be an asset for President Trump on the campaign trail.


Fox Business’ Charles Payne said he’d miss his now former Fox colleague.

But it didn’t look like Guilfloyle was wasting any time crying over bygones. Before her official announcement, West Virginia AG Patrick Morrisey thanked her and Trump Jr. for their help on the campaign trail where he’s running for Senate with President Trump’s endorsement.


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