Crickets as Trump admin sends $200 mil to Ukraine. Policies on Russia ‘2 or 3 times tougher than Obama’

For an alleged puppet of Russian President Vladimir Putin, U.S. President Donald Trump seems surprisingly hellbent on continually sticking it to the Eurasian nation.

Case in point: On Friday the Pentagon funneled $200 million to the Ukrainian government so that the country may enhance its security apparatus. In other words, the Trump administration just funded Ukraine’s military so that it may more easily protect itself from potential Russian aggression, as noted by Republican Sen. Rob Portman in a statement.

Why would a puppet of Putin aide Russia’s enemies? But there’s more.

Speaking Friday evening on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” with guest host former Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Conservative Political Action Conference chairman Matt Schlapp noted that Trump’s policies overall have been “two or three times tougher than” former President Barack Hussein Obama’s policies.

He noted the point while defending the president’s decision to meet earlier in the week with the Russian president for a historic meeting that the left now claims proves Trump’s a traitor.

“The idea that Trump is somehow ‘soft’ on Putin just because when they’re in each other’s company … the policies are what matter,” he said. “And the policy coming out of the Trump Administration, as you pointed out, is two or three times tougher than anything we saw in Obama.”

“If you look at the export controls, if you look at the sanctions, if you look at the number of people being kicked out of the country, if you look at the bombing that the president has done. If you look at every criteria, the president’s policy is tough. But the Democrats have a problem with his words.”

Correct. The unhinged left finds it abhorrent and intolerance than Trump behaved respectfully and diplomatically with Putin during their diplomatic meeting in Helsinki, Finland..

Regarding the money sent Friday, it was appropriated as part of the defense budget Trump signed in March. The budget included a stipulation that Ukraine first past an expected series of defense reform bills. After the reforms were passed on July 5, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert confirmed that Ukraine would receive the money shortly thereafter.

“The United States stands ready to continue supporting Ukraine’s defense and security sector reforms to bolster Ukraine’s ability to defend its territorial integrity,” she said at the time.

Again, why would a puppet of Putin include money in his own country’s defense budget for a Russian enemy’s defense needs? It just doesn’t make sense, not that any of the harebrained morons who responded to Portman’s announcement cared.

Look, and be prepared to shake your head in amazement:

When did Trump give Ukraine back to Russia!?? Good Lord.

Vivek Saxena


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